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FedEx and Social Responsibility 2010: A Year in Review

December 27, 2010

This video reviews some of the highlights from FedEx social responsibility work that has been accomplished in 2010.


    Evangeline hardaway says:

    how can I help???

    Sallie Lee says:

    Give and keep on giving,because when you give ,you will receive.Let’s keep up the good work!!!!What a team we are?

    ancey k joy says:

    Great work 🙂

    Afsana Parvin says:

    Its not the “FEDEX……..THE WORLD ON TIME”
    But its the “FEDEX..THE WORLD ON HAND”
    Fedex is for the people by the peole and of the people

    Vivian B Wilk says:

    When I see what FedEx has done for our communities, I feel like bursting with pride to be an employee! After all, what good is having anything if you can’t give some of it away?

    Keep up the good work, FedEx.

    David Ward says:

    I contribute to the Salvation Army, Centraide (United Way) and the Canadian Red Cross. I am concerned for pedestian safety. I volunteer serving meals and deliver meals to the under priviledged. I’m proud to work for an origanization with the same values as I have.
    David Ward – Montreal, QC Canada

    renata paratore says:

    I once again, am reminded of how proud I am to work for FEDEX.

    Nichole Myers says:

    Watching the video makes me proud to work for such a caring organization!

    Marcia M. Houston says:

    FedEx as a corporation has once again proven that it is ALWAYS on the front lines of any social issue…great work!

    Mary says:

    Makes me proud to work for such an awesome and generous company…..

    kim bonzell says:

    I would like to show this video to our station. How can we get this in video form?

    Eleanor Reid says:

    It makes me so proud to work for a company that is doing so many things to help in so many different ways across the world. This is truly what life is all about.

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