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FedEx Annual Report 2011: The global shipping arrow points up

August 23, 2011

As part of this year’s Annual Report, we looked at trends in global trade and how they affect FedEx. It’s clear that we’ve reached a tipping point in how the world works. Did you know that the largest economy in the world is no longer the economy of any one country? It’s the economy of global trade of goods and services. Its value in 2010 was $18.3 trillion.

Driving the inexorable growth of world markets are these macroeconomic trends, which continue to grow:

  • Production of high-tech and high-value-added goods is still on the rise.
  • Global sourcing and selling are increasing.
  • Supply chains are accelerating.
  • E-commerce continues to expand.

These trends have immense implications for all of us. FedEx not only sits at the nexus of global trade — we are indispensible to global trade. The delivery of superior solutions for customers is our No. 1 focus. We believe that the more individual economies are connected, the more the world will prosper.

Learn more about global trade trends at our new Annual Report website.

Visit the new Annual Report website>
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