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FedEx Carbon-Neutral Envelope Shipping

April 10, 2012

FedEx Carbon-Neutral Envelope Shipping

More than 200 million shipments each year


At no extra charge


I could end this post here, I suppose. But, I’ll say a bit more about it since we’re excited to share it.

For years, FedEx has focused upon initiatives that make sense from business and environmental perspectives. FedEx was the:

  • First transportation logistics company to push for commercial vehicle fuel economy/greenhouse gas legislation and regulation
  • First U.S. transportation logistics company to set a global aviation reduction carbon dioxide goal 
  • First U.S. transportation logistics company to set a commercial vehicle fuel efficiency fleet goal
  • First transportation logistics company to launch the first purpose-built electric delivery vehicles
  • First transportation logistics company to certify its corporate headquarters to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®), and made LEED® Certification the standard for newly-built US facilities.
  • And, according to an environmental non-governmental organization, FedEx “led the launch that changed the marketplace” with regard to hybrid electric commercial trucks.

Lots of firsts here. But, we wanted to look at our broad portfolio of services once again for opportunities to improve our offerings, and opportunities to help our customers, in sustainability. As a result, we’ve launched our newest EarthSmart Innovation, FedEx Carbon-Neutral Envelope Shipping.

Simply put, we neutralize the carbon emissions created and emitted in shipping FedEx Envelopes around the world – our customers’ FedEx Envelope deliveries – through investments, administered by BP Target Neutral, in projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions – all at no additional costs to our customers. These projects currently include the following:


This project generates renewable electricity from biogas, reduces methane emissions to the atmosphere, and displaces fossil fuels used to heat local buildings.


This reforestation project is establishing commercial forests at Uchindile and Mapanda districts in the Tanzanian Southern Highlands in an area that was classified as degraded grassland. 


The Rachathewa landfill is Thailand’s first sanitary landfill. Waste is isolated from the environment until it has completely biodegraded biologically, chemically, and physically — meaning harmful leachate discharge is prevented. The landfill gas collection system at Rachathewa generates renewable energy by extracting the methane that occurs during this remediation process and uses it to generate clean electricity. The electricity is sold to the Metropolitan Electricity Authority.


The Mare Manastir Wind Farm was installed in the Turkish province of Izmir to provide renewable power to the Turkish electricity grid, thereby displacing some of the need for non-renewable natural resources to be used for the generation of power. 

United States

In 2004, the flare at a disused landfill site was replaced with a power plant that uses the captured landfill gas (LFG) to generate electricity. Since methane is a major component of LFG and is also the main component of natural gas, LFG can serve as an alternative to natural gas for generating electrical energy. A power plant is housed in a building located adjacent to the landfill and generates around 3,500 kilowatts.

So, customers have a choice with documents. They can use our own existing digital alternative, aimed at large or complex printed products – our FedEx Office Print Online service – from the desktop directly to a FedEx Office location in the place the print product is needed, skipping the plane trip altogether. 

FedEx Office Print Online takes the shipping out of shipping printed materials.

Or, they can use the new FedEx Carbon-Neutral Envelope Shipping. 

It takes the carbon out of shipping Envelopes. Anywhere we go. Worldwide. Now.

Both are great. Both are convenient. Both are aimed at providing an outstanding customer service for our customers. And, both are designed to be cleaner, more efficient, and more sustainable.

You can find out more about this EarthSmart Innovation offering at

Lastly, in talking about firsts, it seems fitting to end this post with a phrase with which our EarthSmart website first opens:

EarthSmart: FedEx solutions for a more sustainable world


    Dennis Gillan says:

    I was really excited about your carbon offset program until I saw who was doing it. Still associate that symbol with the gulf disaster.

    FedEx says:

    Hi Dennis. Thanks for your comment.

    FedEx evaluated several different offset options and found that BPTN was the best fit for a number of reasons. First of all, BPTN is not-for-profit, so when FedEx pays to offset the emissions associated with the travel of our express envelope emissions, every penny goes directly to projects that prevent or remove CO2 emissions.

    Finally, BPTN is monitored by an independent advisory and assurance panel to ensure that projects meet the highest international standards and funds are appropriately distributed to verified emission-reduction projects.

    Nigel Lewis says:

    In an effort to provide increased visibility to Sustainability efforts from leading Logistics Companies we posted the FedEx Press Release titled “Shipping with FedEx Express Envelopes is Now Carbon-Neutral” . This Press Release has been received well by the Global Logistics Media Online Community.

    Nigel Lewis

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