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FedEx Cares in New Zealand

October 17, 2011

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This fall FedEx team members around the world showed how much they care by volunteering in their communities during FedEx Cares Week. FedEx Cares Week was launched in the USA in 2005 and has expanded to more than 40 countries and territories around the globe since then.

New Zealand, Auckland

On 17 September, 22 FedEx volunteers (FedEx team members and their family members) took part in the “Ark in the Park Project” where they perform weed and ginger control to preserve the sanctuary for birds and native wildlife in the Waitakere ranges (West Auckland).

fxcnzKeri-Ann Hokianga, Post-Sales Solutions Representative

I participated in the FedEx Cares event held on Saturday the 17 September in Auckland, New Zealand. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day! When we arrived it seemed like a never ending paddock of weeds & blackberry (thorns), but after we all had put in heaps of effort…the results were awesome! It felt good to see how much work we actually did! I’m looking forward to the next FedEx Cares project.

Jill Gordon, Senior Stations Agent

Here are a few words to summarize my FEDEX CARES day out.

Voluntary work has no monetary reward, but at times the rewards far outweigh the $$$$$$$$’s
The reward of doing hard physical work
The reward of getting down & dirty
The reward of physical scars to boast about
The reward of camaraderie among your fellow workers
The reward of laughter
But best of all……..
The reward of knowing you are making a difference

I think we all felt like that after our FEDEX CARES day out and to top it off a luxurious bath, a large glass of wine and the Aussies been beaten by the Irish just made my day.


fxcnz3Maryanne Pairama, Senior Customs Broker

We met up with Andy from “Ark in the Park” he briefed us on the damage that “Wild Ginger” is causing to their bird sanctuary, Andy and his team cares for our Native Birds and Fauna in the Waitakere Region.It was our mission for the day to eradicate this weed so the Kokako living in that area can roam freely…the kids and I dug into the mud with knives and clippers in hand and dealt with the weed….we soon picked up speed when it started raining…I am absolutely elated that the kids and I were able to give up our time…it’s hard enough getting teenagers out of bed on the weekend let alone to do some hard core work !!!! We walked away a little sore, bruised, wet and a ton of mud on us… but what a ripper of a day…I would do it again in a heartbeat….such an awesome experience for the kids and I…we felt extremely satisfied that the Kokako will flourish…Thanks to Ark in the Park and Monique for an eventful day and arranging Fedex Cares.

fxcnz4Ronald Tan, Senior Technology Specialist

This is the second time my daughter and I have been involved in the annual event “FedEx Cares Week” and once again it was an eventful an enjoyable day. It is not just a trip to help the environment, the natives trees and birds but also a trip to showcase the diversity of the FedEx team spirit. Each individual regardless of race, nationality and religion comes together to make things happen. It is exceptionally educational for the kids as well as great father and daughter time. Everyone work hard together with some snapping the ginger heads, some stumping the ginger roots and dome spraying the Avatar chemicals to stop the ginger from growing. I was doing the easy floating role clearing stems and spraying Avatar chemicals on the stumps while snapping some pictures for the event. We had Tarzan (aka Daniel Williams) calling his mate, people posing as a model and many other funny and happening activities during that short period of time. Shanice did well and despite a few cuts and me losing my camera cover it was a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding day! I am sure we will continue to participate in these future events and urge those who are hesitating to join us the next time around!

Monique Gillman, Senior Secretary

On Saturday 17 September, I took part in the Auckland FedEx cares event.  This is the third year now that I have helped organise the event and I would have to say that this was probably the most successful year to date and the year that I received the most positive feedback from which was great!  The weather wasn’t looking too promising for us but the rain held out for the most part of the day which was good!  We were tasked with weeding out invasive ginger in the local bush area of the Waitakere Ranges, West Auckand in order to protect the Kokako.  The work was very physical and everyone involved did a tremendous job particulary the children who got ‘stuck in’ and kept smiling the whole day through.  It was great to see everyone working so well together and demonstrating their true Purple FedEx spirit!  The organisers from Ark in the Park were extremely impressed with the amount of ginger we weeded out and that made us all feel really good!  A huge thank you to everyone who helped make the day the success it was and for giving up their precious time to help improve our community and environment.  Well done!


Malia Akeli, Senior Stations Agent

On the 17 September, a group us from FedEx Auckland volunteered for FedEx Cares day.  Some of the team members brought along their kids which really spiced up and lifted our spirit that day!  We all caught the bus to Ark in the Park, Waitakere Ranges, West Auckland.  We had to help cut down invasive ginger which is growing rapidly within the area.  We wasted no time and got down and dirty! We forgot about staying clean. It was all about getting rid of the ginger!  We found ourselves ripping through the area like Termites!  Most of us were cut, bruised, had our clothes torn. We had ginger plants thrown in our faces, got wet, had a lot of good laughs and at times had the fun of fxcnz6falling down as much as staying on our feet!  This added to the  excitement and working together with other team members.  It was a great experience for us to participate in something different from our normal Saturday chores and it gave us the opportunity to represent FedEx and give back to the community by showing them that FedEx cares.   Over all the day was perfect and we made the owners very happy with the work we got done.  It was a great day and I would do it all over again!

Ivan Tasi, Operations Coordinator

If the FedEx Cares Day was supposed to mean giving back and caring for the local community, then after Saturday the 17September, it certainly had a whole new meaning for me. Not only did we work hard to help cut and clear the wild ginger that was prevalent in this particular area, we also managed to do it in a lot less time than was originally predicted. As work colleagues, we also took this time together to enhance friendships that we already enjoyed on a social basis. People’s attitudes and personalities are more relaxed in a non-working environment and they seemed to open up more. We had an awesome day, with a lot of fun and laughter. I would recommend it to everyone. Good therapy for the soul, if not for the head!! Last but not least . . . the young children in our group were just amazing! I think they might have done more work than some of the adults!! Remember they were between 6 to 8 year old. They were a credit to their parents and really gave meaning to the FedEx Purple Promise.


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