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FedEx Cares: Volunteering across EMEA

November 13, 2013

EMEA (Europe, Middle East, subcontinent India and Africa) is a vast and diverse region that spreads over different continents. Some countries in our region are smaller than a U.S. state and despite their geographical proximity, all speak different languages! 

But despite cultural differences, the spirit of volunteerism is something that translates across regions.  And it’s this universal human trait that brings us together every fall during our FedEx Cares campaign. This year, our fourth consecutive one, our teams organized a wide array of activities in 16 countries*.

From various types of collections (school supplies, food, clothes, toys, etc.), to bake sales, running for charity, tree planting, and even a talent show, there were plenty of volunteering opportunities for everyone. Collectively, almost 2,500 team members volunteered more than 4,200 hours and fundraised over 8,000€ (over 11,000USD) for various charities.

Some would argue that for an individual to volunteer, wearing a purple T-shirt is not necessary. But FedEx Cares is more than volunteering. When we come together as team members for a good cause, our efforts are multiplied and the results are even greater.  We often hear about ‘employee engagement’, and this is a great example: FedEx offers us the opportunity to volunteer collectively and reminds us of the impact we can have in our communities.

In our day and age, where drama has taken over every communication channel, it’s inspiring to hear about all these not so random acts of kindness. And even more inspiring to see they come from colleagues around you.  Another reason that makes FedEx a great place to work!

We are very grateful to all our volunteers and proud of their efforts. Looking forward to next year’s FedEx Cares campaign!

Click here to read more about FedEx Cares volunteering activities

* Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Kuwait, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, UAE and the UK.

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