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FedEx Commits to Wellness

July 29, 2014

FedEx is dedicated to the well-being of its employees. That’s why, in June 2014, we teamed up with Healthways, a leader in well-being improvement, to offer personalized tools and resources at no cost to our employees. The Healthways Well-Being Program includes the Healthways’ Well-Being Assessment (WBA), an online Well-Being Connect™ account with access to a personalized Well-Being Plan with tips and goal tracking tools and other resources such as recipes, meal plans, and articles.  The program also offers well-being coaching, Innergy®, a Healthier Weight Program, and QuitNet®, a Tobacco Cessation Program.  We realize that simple, everyday choices have the power to impact every area of our well-being including our emotional and physical health, job performance, health-related costs and much more.

In recognition of FedEx’s commitment to wellness, we are again highlighting the weight-loss success story of one of our employees, Vernita Herron, a tax analyst at FedEx Services, in the hope that other employees will be inspired to begin or continue their own journey toward improved health and well-being.

Vernita began her journey to lose weight and get healthy after reading a popular nutrition book. She committed herself to eating healthy and exercising regularly. Vernita learned the importance of incorporating fish and lean meats, such as chicken, as well as fruits and vegetables into her diet. Changes to her diet resulted in her eating more fruit.

“It takes hard work because I like to eat,” laughs Vernita. That’s why she also began regular visits to a fitness center. Initially, she walked the track, but quickly evolved into fully participating in the cardio classes. Now, she has developed into a runner. “In the beginning, you couldn’t have told me that I could run any distance. It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you remain focused and determined,” says Vernita. Ultimately, Vernita’s lifestyle changes and healthy choices have helped her lose over 75 pounds during the past few years. She feels better than ever.

The new Healthways Well-Being Program offered by FedEx is available at no cost to employees and their spouses/domestic partners who are enrolled in the FedEx Corporation Group Health Plan administered by Anthem or Cigna. Employees enrolled in a Kaiser plan option in California will have a similar well-being assessment and program available through Kaiser. FedEx is providing these resources to help employees, like Vernita, Choose Well and improve their overall well-being. More information about Healthways programs and services can be found at or by calling 1.866.336.8622. If you are a Kaiser participant, you can visit or contact 1.800.464.4000 for more information.

Nieika Parks, MHA, PHD is an Enterprise, Health and Wellness Coordinator for FedEx Corporate Services.

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