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FedEx Customer Service Reps Give Tips to Healthy Living

February 16, 2009

After having the opportunity to spend some time with our terrific FedEx folks in Harrison, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Memphis the past two weeks, I have learned just how valuable the conversation of work life balance is to everyone.  

Employees I met during my travels gave me plenty of tips on this subject and I’d like to thank them!  I thought today I would start the New Year with one that many of us battle each year! It is the subject of self health improvement! Everyone vows to get healthier the first of the year!  The problem is that we all view it as another to do item on our list!  Well, I say, while the market and the economy are down let’s focus on something that is life lasting – let’s invest in our health!

We all know we should eat right, exercise, manage our stress, and get plenty of sleep!  This one we have to do the old fashion way by eating right and moving. However, we can add some new twists.  So, here are just a few tips that have been shared with me from the customer service organization around the country! See if there is just one you can adopt this year!  You do not have to do them all! Take small but consistent actions! 

Making good food choices:

  1. Pack your lunch/breakfast with a protein and fruit – this helps save money too!  Our SVP of Sales, Dan Mullally, brings his lunch to work everyday so he knows he can get a very healthy lunch.  If he can do it with his busy schedule, we can do it!
  2. Eat small portions about the size of your fist and eat often about every two hours. This keeps you from getting hungry and go after all the bad foods!  A friend told me to half my portions anytime I sit down to eat!
  3. When trying to avoid sweets one Call Center Rep takes one bite of a sweet item and then drowns it in salt and pepper to avoid eating the rest of the desert!  Pretty clever. Try it!
  4. Drink 8 glass of water a day to cleanse your body.  We all know this! Let’s do it this year! Reps I’ve talked to keep containers of the equivalent to 8 glasses, so they know when they’ve met their mark.
  5. If you have a family, try and aid in their health habits early by providing well balanced meals!  Plan ahead and it will save time!

These are just a few food ideas and reminders! There are some great websites that you can search for more ideas that will fit your lifestyle.  Let’s eat right this year! 


  1. Just start by moving – Some positions like our contractors and couriers have the opportunity to move all day.  Others have positions that requiring sitting! Let’s try parking far from the door and walking.  We can take the stairs.  On breaks or at lunch bring your shoes and walk!  It will make you feel better for the afternoon!
  2. Reps in Memphis are dancing at the new fitness center!  They say it does not feel like exercising!
  3. Start a biggest loser contest!  Make it fun! I have heard from Reps that start a Wii Workout competition.
  4. Plan to walk in a race and spend time training for it.  Get your work group to join you!
  5. I’ve heard from some Reps that started to ride their bikes to work, when the weather permits!
  6. Run the stairs during a break! One step leads to another so take the first step!

One key point, when you exercise, you feel better.  When you feel better you have such a positive out look that you can take on the world!  It should also help you with balancing priorities!  When you feel better you can make those trade off decisions easier! 

A Good Night’s Sleep
1. If we do the previously mentioned we usually feel better and our body is tired so we sleep better!
2.  I try to plan my morning so I rest knowing I’m ready for the coming day.
3. I’ve heard of others relaxing with a relaxing bath, Yoga, Zen, meditation, prayer, fun reading before bedtime.  This helps to relax and stop thinking about all the issues of the day.

All you have to do is start!  It is proven that your attitude towards everything will have a new vantage point when you feel good!  Go for it! Remember, only you can change you!  Let me know your ideas for healthy living!  Can’t wait to hear from you!  Take this as a call to help make FedEx The Healthiest Company to Work for.


    Tina Lisi says:

    I was glad to see you were able to visit so many locations and hear from our customer service teammates. I am a member of the Customer Experience team of customer service agents. The points you make about how easy it is to exercise ring true.
    We recently added a dog to our family and he has helped to get us moving, too. He needs the walk for his exercise and well being, but so do we.
    I am grateful for the weather becoming warmer so our walks will be longer. Getting out in nature certainly makes the walking more enjoyable.
    Happy and Healthy 2009!

    Marci Williams says:

    I am absolutely THRILLED to see this post. I spent a great deal of time last weekend trying to figure out the best approach to ask for such a topic to appear on this blog. I work for Caribbean Transportation Service, a FedEx company, and I also devote a great deal of time as a volunteer with non profit organizations who promote health and wellness through lifestyle choices. As a Go Red Ambassador and February being Heart Month; I have had the pleasure of speaking to several groups about protecting their health through choices and sharing my personal story about how small changes add up to big rewards. I really enjoy reaching out but can not help thinking about the old story of the cobblers children with no shoes to wear, when it comes to my extended work family at FedEx. The outline you provide is spot on and I can personally attest to the fact that ANYONE can improve their health by following them. Three years ago, at over 300 pounds, a cardiologist told me point blank “you will not live to see 50 if you do not loose the weight”. I was in my mid forties at that time and hearing that changed my life. Small changes such as a balanced eating plan, lots of exercise and stress management resulted in a 180 pound weight loss for me. No tricks, no surgery, no gimmicks. I will turn a very happy and healthy 50 in a couple of years. If I can do it, anyone can do it.
    Thank you so much for your post, and I look forward to seeing more like it.
    Best regards,
    Marci Williams
    Greensboro NC

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