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FedEx Delivers at SXSWi

April 21, 2011

As technology becomes more innovative, it’s important for us to stay up to date with what is new and relevant, and who the people creating new technologies are. That’s why we decided to have a presence at the South by Southwest Interactive conference in Austin, Texas.

There are dozens upon dozens of brands vying for attention at SXSWi, so we knew our outreach had to do something big, smart and authentic to stand out from the crowd. It also needed to provide a benefit for busy conference-goers, while delivering messaging about the FedEx brand and its services.

To this end, we created three coordinated executions that relied on social media to reach their targets.

To help demonstrate the international shipping capabilities of FedEx, we created a food truck that looked just like a FedEx delivery truck, and drove it into Austin during SXSWi. Once there, a different international meal was delivered (for free) each day in packaging specially designed to mimic FedEx boxes. Napkins and cups also touted FedEx Office offerings like Print & Go—the new service enabling you to print from your smartphone or USB flash drive—as well as our ability to deliver to 220 countries and territories each and every day.  Throughout the conference, thousands of authentic international meals were delivered, thanks in part to collaboration with 86This – a local food truck company who’d been featured on the Food Network.  And positive Tweets, Facebook posts and other online mentions followed, with many conference-goers thanking FedEx for the free lunch and giving kudos for the innovative idea.

Additionally, we wrapped three SXSW shuttle buses to appear as if they were actual FedEx delivery trucks. But instead of delivering packages, theses shuttles delivered people between conference sessions and their hotels. Signage on each of the buses lead conference-goers to the FedEx Twitter and Facebook pages, and also encouraged them to visit the FedEx food truck for some free lunch.

Finally, to provide an in-store retail experience to attendees, our local Austin FedEx Office offered 20% off $10 on first Foursquare check-ins. During the first five days of the conference alone, 152 people viewed our Foursquare page, and twenty people unlocked the 20% off discount.

Reaching digital media mavens, trendsetters and technology innovators in an authentic way is never easy. But judging from the response to our outreach in Austin, we were successfully able to demonstrate to these groups how they could benefit from FedEx solutions both now and in the years to come. After all, maybe part of that old adage is true; the best way to a person’s heart – and their mind – is through their stomach.

If you happened to be in Austin and stopped by the food truck, shuttles or FedEx Office, we thank you. And to those who couldn’t make it, we appreciate your continued support from afar.  

See more photos of the SXSWi executions on our Facebook page:

Also, see our interview with Huddle Productions about the event here:

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