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FedEx Delivers on Social Responsibility

December 2, 2008

Dtute’s 2008 Faculty Pioneer Awards. The annual awards program is sponsored by FedEx as a way to celebrate the achievements of business faculty around the globe. Our own Mitch Jackson, Senior Director of Environmental Sustainability, was one of the corporate judges.

One of those selected, Dr. David Hess from the University of Michigan, was given the “Rising Star” award for his work in corporate social responsibility.  His research focuses on corporate accountability and the social initiatives companies use to benefit their communities by basing their philanthropic actions on their core competencies. His award affirmed the direction we have taken at FedEx to base our charitable giving in the areas we know best – disaster relief, pedestrian safety, education and diversity.

As FedEx releases its first Global Citizenship Report, I cannot help but think of the many people who have built the culture of great service – both to customers and our communities.  Around FedEx, my tenure of two years is nothing compared to the decades many of my colleagues have invested at this company.  However, every person I meet speaks with pride about their work and the company’s commitment to doing the right thing. From the way we treat our customers to our engagement in the community, FedEx has historically been committed to social responsibility.

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