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FedEx Delivers Rescued Otter Pup to Denver’s Downtown Aquarium

March 28, 2016

The Downtown Aquarium  in Denver recently welcomed Oliver, a new otter pup, to its Otter Exhibit.  He will join fuzzy friends, Emmett and Slater, who are long-time residents of the exhibit.

Earlier this month, the baby North American river otter was found at a gas station near Tampa, Fla.  He was taken to the Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife, who took care of Oliver while searching for a permanent home for him.  During this time, it was made clear that Oliver had become accustomed to his new surroundings at the sanctuary, thus making it difficult and dangerous to release the animal into the wild without increasing his risk of injury or death.

“I have raised many otters in my 35 years, and I knew this little boy was special right from start,” said Kris Porter, permitted rehabilitator of Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife.

After careful consideration and research, Porter found a forever home for the otter pup at the Downtown Aquarium in Denver.  The Downtown Aquarium is an AZA-accredited facility, which holds the property to the highest of industry standards.  The property  has two otters in one of their existing exhibits.

Oliver began his trek from Tampa through Memphis Wednesday aboard a FedEx jet with Porter. The pair ended up staying in Memphis overnight after a blizzard shut down Denver International Airport. Oliver received star treatment while at the FedEx World Hub, receiving his own pool and a shrimp and salmon dinner courtesy of a local restaurant. He was even able to pal around with FedEx pilots. Porter and Oliver boarded a FedEx jet Thursday bound for Denver once the airport reopened.  FedEx  provided the necessary resources and expertise to safely transport Oliver to his new home.

“FedEx is pleased to help the Owl’s Nest Sanctuary safely move Oliver from Tampa to his new home at the Downtown Aquarium in Denver.” said Neil Gibson, Vice President Corporate Communications, FedEx Services.  “This FedEx Cares shipment is part of our ‘Delivering for Good’ initiative to use our network to make important connections in our communities.”

Oliver is acclimating very well to his new home behind-the-scenes at Downtown Aquarium but will join Emmett and Slater soon in the Otter Exhibit where the threesome will receive daily training, vitamin supplements, toys for enrichment and delicious treats from full-time staff with extensive zoo and aquarium experience.

“Downtown Aquarium is proud to be the new home of this beautiful animal,” said Jim Prappas, Director of Animal Husbandry for Landry’s, Inc.  “Facilities like ours take pride in supporting conservation of wildlife through working with facilities like Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife so we can give animals like Oliver a second chance to live out their lives and be ambassadors to their species.”

The Downtown Aquarium’s mission is to partner with and support the goals of wildlife agencies, cutting-edge programs and other like-minded organizations that are focused on saving and protecting the planet’s wildlife including Wildlife Alliance, WildAid, The Ocean Project, SECORE, and OCEARCH.

Landry’s, Inc.’s Downtown Aquarium features a public aquarium boasting more than one million gallons of underwater tanks with more than 500 different species of colorful, tropical marine life; exhibits spotlighting areas including rainforests and deserts; three Sumatran tigers; a sting ray reef; Aquarium Restaurant; the 4,000-square-foot Nautilus Ballroom; The Dive Lounge; and amusements for the entire family.

  • Otterly Adorable

    Earlier this month, this otter pup was rescued after being found at a gas station in Tampa, Fla. Oliver was later transported by FedEx to the Downtown Aquarium in Denver.

  • Otterly Adorable

    Oliver enjoyed a stop at the FedEx World Hub in Memphis on his way to the Downtown Aquarium in Denver.

  • Otterly Adorable

    Oliver was able to pal around with Kris Porter of the Owl's Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife and FedEx pilots during his layover at the FedEx World Hub in Memphis.

  • Otterly Adorable

    Oliver arrived safely in Denver aboard a FedEx jet. Photo courtesy of Landry's, Inc.

  • Photo courtesy of Landry's, Inc.


    Krystal says:

    So happy to see FedEx caring for this little guy!

    Becky A. Crespo says:

    What a heartwarming story! Fantastic work from a worldwide brand company who cares for the big and the little. Best of luck to Oliver in Denver.

    Kathy Sanders says:

    Love this story!
    Another reason why I am proud to be a FedExer. 🙂

    Michelle says:

    What a sweet little guy, I was at the Denver Downtown Aquarium this past summer & this will be a great home for Oliver. Awesome job Fedex!!

    Monica says:

    I love stories like this – keep them coming! GO FEDEX! =)

    Teresa Argo says:

    World class service for the smallest of God’s creatures.

    Kelly says:

    I am so thankful to work for such a wonderful and caring company! Oliver just put a huge smile on my face!

    Lisbeth Castell says:

    Happy to see Oliver made it to the Denver Aquarium all thanks to FedEx!

    Kimberly Benny says:

    He sure does look happy! Way to go FedEx! Love working for this great company. 🙂

    Robyn Shafer says:

    I could watch that video 10 more times. Hits you right in the feels!

    Davina says:

    Heartwarming! Way to go FedEx!

    Mary says:

    Priceless! Thanks FedEx 😉

    Angie Murdock says:

    I love stories like this!!!! Way to go FedEx!!!!

    Ramona says:

    This is heart warming!

    Pamela Bernbaum says:

    When I see how FedEx contributes to making our world a better place; by these acts of kindness..such as transporting this little fella to a better home – makes me SO proud to say “I work for FedEx!” FedEx, you rock!

    Robbie Burrell says:

    What can you say but THANKS Fed Ex.. from a child to and pup you are always doing good.. We folks of the part of the state can only be proud to have you around… May nothing but good things come your way.. Thanks again

    Laura says:

    Just another reason why I love FedEx!

    Joey Cline says:

    Way to go FedEx! Another example of a great company to work for. The Denver Aquarium is really nice. This will be a great spot for him.

    Tyler says:

    Stories like this make me proud to work for FedEx.

    Carol Bregenzer says:

    What a sweet little face! Makes me joyful! Proud to work with such great people in a great company!

    Rolo says:

    Happy to see Oliver in his new home. I am proud to be part of the Fedex family.

    Fletcher Terry says:

    Way to go FedEx! Just another reason I am proud to work for such a great company!

    Jodi Day says:

    Another reason I love working with FedEx!! And I could watch that video several times a day …just to keep a smile on my face =) …soooo darn cute!!

    Rajasekar says:

    I am Very Happy to see this kind of Moments

    k.donnelly says:

    Oh I love happy stories and thanks to fedex this little guy will have a happy home in Denver. Thank you wildlife givers. So sweet!!!

    Calandra says:

    Isnt he precious. This is why i love Fedex!!!

    Barbara Meazza says:

    Great FedEx !!! I love stories like this !!! Thanks from Italy

    Michelle says:

    AMAZING!!!! FedEx again goes above and beyond! FedEx ROCKS!!

    Lindsey Green says:

    What a lovely, caring story!
    Well done to all in helping this little guy

    Jeanne Dable says:

    Such a heartwarming story about Oliver. He will be happy at his new home. Way to go FedEx for giving such an helping hand to help Oliver find a new home. Good Work FedEx!

    Chetan says:

    He looks so innocent. I love FedEx!!!

    Sheen says:

    This is one the reason I’m proud to be a FedEx employee. I love animals.
    I found this to be a amazing story.

    carlos arturo ramirez says:

    Estoy feliz por trabajar en fedex

    Sandeep Kumar says:

    I love small animals,so i realy thanks to all team to inclodign to save this lovely guy

    Rox Arnold says:

    Wonderful Story!

    Denise Welker says:

    I love this company. Fedex takes care of the big, the small and everything in between. Warms my heart to see little Oliver taken care of. GO FEDEX!!!!!YOU ROCK!!!!

    Josephine Todd says:

    Thankyou to Owl’s Nest Sanctuary and FedEx for being so caring.

    Josephine Todd says:

    Thank you to Owl’s Nest Sanctuary and FedEx for caring.

    John Trout says:

    How cute is this guy! So glad Fedex helped him find a new home. Yet another beneficiary of the Purple Promise!

    Regina says:

    Oliver is too cute!I wish I could’ve seen him in action.We often get to see wildlife housed in the spss building located in the Memh.

    Vivian Jones says:

    Saving Wildlife! Wonderful! GO FEDEX!

    Becky Crespo says:

    What a heartwarming story from a worldwide company that truly does cares. Fantastic! Best of Luck to Oliver in Denver.

    Summer Dombrowski says:

    Thank you for going out of your way to do something so simple that changes lives forever!

    lou gilpin says:

    Thank you Fedex for such a wonderful outcome for the baby otter
    Lou Gilpin
    Houston, Tx

    Peggy Sue says:

    So sweet! Thanks for providing uplifting news 🙂

    Ginna says:

    Thank you FedEx for safely transporting this adorable critter to his new home!

    Sheryl says:

    I love otters – great story!!

    Barry Daniel says:

    seeing this makes all the scheduling and planning worth it. we love these stories and pictures.

    Grace says:

    Thank you FedEx for taking such good care of Oliver(the otter) and his transport.

    Martha Aleman says:

    i must say this is the first time that i actually read an email from fed ex. Great job guys! and the little guy is just so adorable

    Donna Gott says:

    Oh how cute I want him thank God we have places like this to take sweet little animals like this thank you Denver Ivwas just there for my first time wish I had known I would have gone and saw him

    Jan says:

    Precious heartwarming story! Thank you for your service and kindness toward this beautiful animal ♥ If the world had a “FedEx attitude”, wouldn’t that be wonderful!

    Pamela Pittman says:

    AWESOME STORY. It’s always wonderful to read stories about people going above and beyond, especially considering recent tragedies that are in the news, these days. WAY TO GO, FED-EX!!!!

    eva says:

    I dont know otters, since I am from Mexico, but I want to congratulate FedEx for taking care of all the beautiful animals on earth!

    dare says:

    sure to deliver beyond expectation. Thumbs Up, FedEx.

    sam says:

    so cute and looks so nice.

    Linda Yock says:

    This is what makes me love working for FedEx.

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