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FedEx Diverse Appeal: From Multilingualism to Living with Cancer

August 12, 2010

Read more about it in the latest Diverse Appeal magazine:





    Kathy Stowe says:

    Hi…my name is Kathy Stowe and I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, metastatic (stage 4) breast cancer on March 5th 2012. I am a 42 year old sales professional in Chicago, IL. A picture happened to be taken of me outside of Northwestern Memorial Hospital downtown Chicago with a large Fed-Ex truck in the background. I feel a bit silly writing this however my friends insist it looks like an ad for Fed_Ex and want me to at least show the picture to someone at Fed-Ex. I don’t see a place to post the photo on this page so if there is interest in seeing the photo you are welcome to view my breast cancer support page on Facebook. Team Kathy Stowe breast cancer support group. I have no idea who reads this blog but I thought it might be the appropiate place since I saw the Diverse Appeal Magazine. I am interested in helping support others with metastatic breast cancer, especially those who live alone like myself. I believe my prognosis is promising and have grown so much through this experience so far. I still have a lot ahead of me however I am doing very well. Cancer research has advanced tremendously however education to the general public via ads, etc is lacking. I feel a great responsibility to use this experience to make others aware of how to support people with cancer as well as creating more support groups. It’s impossible to understand how another person feels when they are diagnosed with cancer but I feel strongly about facilitating some sort of campaign around this issue. Many single people are diagnosed with cancer every day and the lack of support has been shocking. Perhaps this blog will not reach my intended audience but it is always therapeutic to write and attempt to do my part in hopes of helping others.

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