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FedEx Diverse Appeal: Minorities in Aviation, Supplier Diversity and much more

January 11, 2011

The latest edition of the FedEx Diverse Appeal covers topics like Minorities in Aviation and Supplier Diversity. We’ll also take you on fascinating trips to The Philippines, Toronto and Ghana.

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    Mike Thais says:

    Only through inclusion of ideas other than our own do we integrate and become, and become a part of a greater, unified sum. Years of introspect and independent study brought me to appreciation of Than Anderson’s statement in the most recent Diverse Appeal that instead of effort to “homogenize” the workforce, we should adhere to principles of “peace, love, and tolerance.” Some considering such of a spiritual domain, path lessons relative to shared, right principles often provide perspectives synchronistic with those of broader arenas. Such awareness from an individual standpoint, can simply remind us that we are one with the world. From an employee standpoint, one may view a flat organization in which right action becomes lateral leadership. With problems of production and distribution fairly resolved and with an emphasis on environmental sustainability, our primary challenge as a race of humans is harmonious interdependence.

    Along with so many with whom I’ve been privileged to learn and work, James Jackson’s article highlighting Angela Dorkor’s story and enthusiasms reminds me that my path has been quite common, if not exactly ordinary. Knowing ourselves, learning how we best contribute, areas in which we need help, and aligning our contributions is as essential as life-balance is to our effective happiness and well being individually and as a whole. In part, a beauty and marvel of FedEx is that so many associates’ balance of doing right things, doing things right, and doing through a focus upon right principles created and sustains its diverse, service culture of caring analogous to Angela Dorkor’s statement of Magic Johnson’s program which “transcends U.S. borders.” Being open to ideas other than our own, continuously learning and evolving as individuals overcoming challenges together only strengthens the families, organizations, and communities in which we live, work, and play. We’ve all stories and as individuals, unique insight, talent mix, and skill contributions to include in the process. Human, our lessons generally overlap as change and principles remain constants. Growing together, we’re changing the world.

    Thank you FedEx and Diverse Appeal Team


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