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FedEx Express Courier Delivers for RISPCA “Hearts & Paws”

March 31, 2014

Meet Renee’ DeMello, a FedEx Express courier from Rhode Island. Like most of us, Renee’ has a special place in her heart for animals, specifically those who have been mistreated or who don’t have a home.

When they say one person can make a difference in the life of an abused or homeless animal, Renee’ is that person. She is an active supporter of Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RISPCA). RISPCA was the first humane organization in Rhode Island and at 140 years old, they are the third oldest humane organization in the United States.

Renee’ heard that the RISPCA needed help with transporting donated items to their Hearts and Paws fundraising dinner on March 14, 2014. “I deliver important shipments every day, so why not make a special delivery to help the animals in my community?” she said.

FedEx has a long history of helping animals in need. Renee’ asked her manager if she could volunteer and use her FedEx Express delivery vehicle to transport donated items for the event.

Teddy (an 8-year-old Pomeranian mix, available for adoption at and Jim McGee, RISPCA Director of Development, helped load the donated items into the FedEx Express vehicle. “I’m glad we were able to use my delivery vehicle. We needed a large van to transport all the donated items and it still took us two trips,” said Renee’.  

In addition to providing transportation for the event, FedEx donated a Denny Hamlin autographed #11 NASCAR for the RISPCA auction. Renee said, “Denny, you made Jack, a six-year-old boy, very happy. He was the highest bidder on your autographed #11 NASCAR. Jack stood by the car and nobody had the heart to outbid him!”

The community showed its support and over 300 people attended the “Hearts & Paws” event. RISPCA cares for more than 1500 animals per year. The $20,000 raised will help provide care for homeless animals in the community who are in desperate need of veterinary care, food and adoption.   

“I would like to thank FedEx Express for letting me volunteer for this event and be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves,” said Renee’.”


    Diana Smith hill says:

    I love that your drivers help animals. I am a huge animal lover. Will be doing more business with you because of this! Thanks for having a heart for the little things in life.

    Pamela Bernbaum says:

    When I see how FedEx not only allowed Renee to volunteer her time – but also permitted their makes me VERY proud to work for FedEx!

    Ernesto Heredia says:

    This is a great example why FedEx is about the community, including about what employee’s passions are. Love working for FedEx.

    fred says:

    Good job fred t

    Linda says:

    Renee’ has always made room in her life and heart for animals. She said, people help people…I’m here for the animals..they need a voice.

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