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2nd Largest FedEx Express Hub Turns 30

September 28, 2018

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the second largest FedEx Express hub in the world. The Indianapolis Hub opened in 1988 with just over 300 team members. Today it is powered by nearly 4,000 team members and has a sort capacity of 99,000 packages per hour. As the Indianapolis Hub celebrates its 30th anniversary, FedEx has plans to invest $1.5 billion to expand the operation over the next seven years.

From Package Handler to VP: Amanda Williams Reflects on 30-Year Journey at FedEx

Amanda Williams began working as a part-time package handler at the FedEx Express Indianapolis Hub in 1988, just a few weeks before the facility opened. As the second largest FedEx hub in the world celebrates its 30th anniversary this month, Williams will be on hand as one of 27 original team members who have been there from the beginning.

Today Williams holds the title of VP and General Manager of the Central Region. In this role, she oversees operations at the Indianapolis Hub as well as 30 other locations in the central region.

We recently sat down with Williams to talk about the evolution of the Indianapolis Hub and how that has paralleled her career growth at FedEx.

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    Denise Fink says:

    Very proud to have been here at the Indy Hub for 21 years now. Like Amanda Williams, started out as a handler, fell in love with the Company & the PSP philosophy of truly promoting from within. Was a International Checker for 8 years; and, I was qualified & helped out with the DG on the CDG outbound. Moved to domestic on OMA/MKE as a Ramp Agent for a few years. FedEx helped me get my Bachelors Degree from UINDY in Business which, literally, changed my life. Went back to International; and, after 11 years as a RA, was promoted to an Operations Manager for PIT/MKE out-bounds with 2 self-loads. FedEx helped me get my Bachelors Degree from UINDY in Business which, literally, changed my life. Happy Anniversary Indy!!

    Angie Spear/94940 says:

    Very good interviews. I would like to know how many are left from the original 750 hiring in June/July 1989 that started the night-sort with me. Great to have good leadership here at the Indy hub! Lots of hard work and growing for sure.

    Terry Rude says:

    I was one of the initial MainTech Technicians that prepped the facility for opening 30 years ago. I moved over to FedEx in 1997 as a Contract Advisor in Facilities and Sort System Maintenance. I was recently promoted to Manager Facilities and Sort System Maintenance and am the process of relocating back to Indianapolis.

    PJ Mat says:

    Happy Anniversary, the Indianapolis Hub!

    RAVI KIRAN.P says:

    Happy anniversary many more to come…….

    nicole says:

    Happy Anniversary!

    Debbie Hancock says:

    As a fairly new employee @ Ground location #0301,having just under 2 yrs with FedEx, I have had the opportunity of training in 4 positions. My immediate manager is the best. That’s how we were awarded Oustanding Outbound Of the Year.I am proud to call FedEx my employer I can’t wait to see what the future brings. congratulations Indianapolis

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