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FedEx Freight Installs Fuel Cell Forklifts with Help from U.S. Department of Energy

April 17, 2009

Earlier this week, it was reported FedEx Freight would benefit from the Department of Energy’s plan to spur growth of fuel cell markets.  FedEx is committed to operating and innovating in new ways that can help our business and our industry.  We seek fuel-efficient and environmentally beneficial technologies in an effort to maximize efficiencies.

This project will deploy 35 fuel cell systems as battery replacements for a complete fleet of electric lift trucks at FedEx Freight’s service center in Springfield, Missouri.

Here are a few more ways that FedEx is working to deploy environentally efficient technologies to its vehicle fleet:

  • FedEx currently operates the largest fleet of commercial hybrid trucks in North America with a goal to improve vehicle fuel efficiency 20 percent by 2020. We have adopted a Reduce, Replace, and Revolutionize strategy to meet this goal:
  • In London, we introduced liquid petroleum gas (LPG) Mercedes-Benz sprinter vans, which reduce CO2 emissions by 12 percent. FedEx also plans to use 10 zero-emission electric delivery vehicles in the United Kingdom.
  • We’ve been operating diesel-electric hybrids in North America since 2004. The fleet now has more than two million miles of service.
  • In Japan, we teamed up with General Motors in the test operation of a fuel-cell delivery vehicle for one year.
  • In Washington, D.C., we are operating biodiesel-fueled trucks and diesel-electric trucks.


    Mike Waltman says:


    Boeing had an aircraft design that utilizes Hydrogen Fuel cells or a design for larger aircrafts like the one you utilize in package transport. They will not build the larger scale models for they state that this unit would not have windows. Now I was thinking that your firm don’t need window for your clients, so why don’t you tell them that this would work in your industry? it might lead one day to them figuring out that the rest of the world don’t need windows they could use monitors with outside viewing. Any excuses to not move forward seems to be the norm. Fed Ex could be a niche into this technology and open the door to better fight tomorrow. Please advise.

    Thank You
    Mike Waltman
    ARET Associated Renewable Energy and Technologies

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