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FedEx Ground Assists Four-Legged Flood Victims

August 27, 2009

On August 4, 2009, Louisville, Ky., posted new records for the city, but not ones anyone was striving to achieve. On that day, the city and surrounding areas were drenched with record-setting rain fall, flooding homes, cars and public buildings.

Without an ark to rescue them, more than 500 dogs, cats and other animals at Metro Animal Services, were evacuated to drier grounds of the Kentucky Fair and Exposition. Sadly, 11 animals died when the facility was flooded.

Two days later, dog lover and FedEx Ground Contractor Larry Hamm made a special delivery to Metro Animal Services bringing 700 lbs. of food that he purchased.

The flash flooding wiped out not only the shelter’s food stock, but also medical and office supplies. Knowing that the shelter was receiving food from generous animal lovers in the community, Larry reached out to Mike Kelly, P&D Manager at the Louisville terminal to see what the company could do to assist with their other needs. The next day, Mike and Larry made another special delivery to present a $1,000 donation to Metro Animal Services.

City of brotherly love
When Larry discovered that the National Greyhound Adoption Program in Philadelphia was willing to donate supplies, but needed help transporting them to Louisville, he stepped up to the plate again. Quickly booking airline tickets to Philly, Mike was able to get Penske Truck Rental to provide a truck for Larry and his driver Robert Book to haul the much-needed medical supplies home to the four-legged friends. Included in the shipment was office furniture to help replace everything that was destroyed in the shelter’s administrative offices.

Home again
Thanks to the hard work of the staff and volunteers, the shelter was cleaned in a matter of days, allowing the animals to return, while the staff took up residence in FEMA trailers.

“We’re operating, but not at normal levels,” noted Jessica Durbin of Metro Animal Services. “Thanks to the generosity of the community, we’ve run out of places to store dried food. “

To view photos of the flood’s destruction and the dramatic rescue, please visit:


    Kim says:

    I am so proud to work for a company that gives so much to those in need.

    sbutler says:

    Love this story…and the photo. Way to go, Larry!

    crab says:

    Yes nice job. inspiring

    your name says:

    Animal love all around! good job larry

    Abel Duliep says:

    May God continue to bless Larry. I had the privilege of meeting him, and what a gentle spirit. Great God has given me the opportunity to start working for him hopefully this coming week.

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