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FedEx Has a Deck Full of Aces – Safe Driving Tips:

August 13, 2015

Over 150 FedEx drivers are participating in the 2015 National Truck Driving Championships, a competition of professional truck drivers hosted each year by American Trucking Associations. In the competition, each driver has a chance to demonstrate his or her driving and inspection skills, knowledge and professionalism through a series of tests. The drivers undergo a written examination, personal interview, pre-trip inspection test and finally, the most visible – the skills test.

This year, 23 of the competing FedEx drivers are considered “Aces”, meaning that they have been state champions and competed in the National Truck Driving Championships 5 times in their career.

Some of the FedEx Aces shared their favorite thoughts on safe driving:

IMG_2628bRandy Reed, FedEx Express, Oklahoma
A professional driver doesn’t take the right of way, they give the right of way. 1. Watch your speed 2. Watch your following distance 3. Take the lane of least resistance 4. Yield to other traffic to help facilitate the flow of traffic.


IMG_2655bDan Shamrell, FedEx Freight, Oregon
My pretrip checklist starts at home: diet, rest, and exercise. This prepares me to be the safe driver that I need to be. I treat every other driver like family.



IMG_2611_1bMike Forchetti, FedEx Express, Maryland
When I’m on the road not only am I looking out for my safety, but I’m looking out for the safety of the motoring public. My goal every day is to get home safe to my family.


IMG_2615bJeff Thompson, FedEx Freight, Kansas
Follow the 3 C’s: 1. Caution 2. Courtesy 3. Common Sense




IMG_2621bJohn Smith, JSJ Trucking Inc. serving FedEx Ground, Mississippi
Trucks naturally have many blind spots. It helps everyone if drivers keep that in mind and try to avoid riding in those blind spots. (A truck’s no-zones are considered immediately in front and immediately behind, as well as the lane to left of the cab, just behind the driver’s door and the right of the cab all the way to the end of the trailer. Click for more


IMG_2638bXavier Theriot, FedEx Freight, Louisiana
Patience, patience, patience.







    Kelly Reed says:

    These guys gave GREAT TIPS from great men!

    richie santiago says:

    I like that driver…

    John DiGregorio says:

    Did you know that FedEx Express first became active in truck driving championships in the Eastern Region? Back in the 80’s lead by Sr.Training Specialists Scott Tygert, Tony Gatti, John Clark, Dave Shank, Bruce Szczesniak, Nick Marco & myself, we first conducted our own qualifying events & then took teams to State championships & also the Nationals. FedEx has always been a leader in Safety!

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