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FedEx Honored to Assist in Typhoon Haiyan Relief Efforts

November 24, 2013

November 26, 2013
Our MD-11 flight with 100 tons of medical aid from Direct Relief and Heart to Heart International landed in Cebu, Philippines yesterday. The agency representatives were relieved to watch all of that cargo unload. Last night, the very first (of many) distributions began to hospitals and clinics in the areas most heavily impacted by the typhoon. The agencies on the ground know that there is still much work to do before returning to any sense of normalcy, and every step helps. It is so very gratifying for all of us at FedEx to know that injured Filipinos continue getting the medical assistance they need and that we could play a role in that process. Our hearts are with everyone in the Philippines and with those heroic agencies leading the aid efforts.

November 23, 2013
Under clear skies in Los Angeles today, FedEx proudly loaded over 100 tons of disaster relief cargo onto one of our MD-11 wide-body planes. This precious shipment of medicine, hospital supplies, and personal care kits was collected by Direct Relief and Heart to Heart International. This donated flight took off on the way to Cebu, Philippines.

When the plane arrives Monday afternoon (local time), these same two agencies along with Philippines Red Cross will be on the ground to meet it and we unload on the other end. Medical teams all across the impacted areas are eagerly awaiting this important shipment so they can continue their critical work of re-establishing consistent medical care.

FedEx is proud to provide the airlift and play a role in connecting these U.S. relief agencies with the world.

November 20, 2013
Today, we issued a press release announcing additional details about the MD-11 flight containing relief aid:
Typhoon Relief

FedEx, Direct Relief and Heart to Heart International have teamed up to deliver more than $10 million worth of relief aid and medical supplies to communities across the typhoon-ravaged Philippines.  The shipment, containing nearly 200,000 lbs. of both pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, is scheduled to depart from Los Angeles on Saturday, November 23.

November 19, 2013
In addition to the flurry of aid we’ve mentioned below, we’re pleased to move more cargo tomorrow from Narita, Japan to Manila. The Philippines Red Cross is anxiously awaiting 1,500 pounds (three skids) of medical supplies sent by Airlink. They are an international non-profit organization connecting airlines with humanitarian initiatives.

And a quick update on the Water Missions treatment systems we mentioned in our first installment. Those much-needed water purification systems are functional in the southern areas of the Philippines and providing clean drinking water for those impacted communities.

November 18, 2013
While aid has begun flowing into the areas of the Philippines most heavily impacted by Typhoon Haiyan, the need is still enormous. Tomorrow, FedEx Custom Critical will pick up 125 pallets of medical aid from Heart to Heart International in Kansas City, KS. At about noon, those trucks will pull out with their 90,000 pounds of cargo and begin the trek to Los Angeles. Meanwhile, in Santa Barbara, CA, Direct Relief is also gathering another 125 pallets. FedEx Express will begin moving those supplies to Los Angeles as well.

The medical aid contains everything from antibiotics, to gastrointestinal medication, to first aid supplies all the way to hospital and clinic medical needs. These professional aid organizations have experts on the ground ensuring that all relief goes to the right locations and fills immediate needs.

All the activity is building up to the MD-11 load and departure on Saturday, November 23 and its arrival in Cebu the following Monday. Check back with us here for more on this 250-pallet relief flight.

How you can help:
We encourage anyone wanting to support the relief effort to contact the disaster relief organizations directly. Due to logistical challenges in the affected areas, these organizations prefer monetary support over the collection of new and used items. FedEx is focusing all of our shipping relief efforts on these agencies who are best positioned to help the largest number of people and we cannot offer discounts to individuals or agencies who are collecting items.

November 15, 2013
Our logistics experts have worked closely today with Direct Relief and Heart to Heart International to plan for the full wide-body plane-load of relief aid moving into Cebu late next week.  The agencies are gathering many tons of supplies and FedEx is working out both the groud movement of those goods to FedEx ramps and the flight plans from the U.S. into the Philippines.  We’ll have much more information next week as we invite you to follow the journey.

November 14, 2013
FedEx is pleased to join forces with Direct Relief and Heart to Heart International to move an entire MD-11 full of supplies directly into Cebu so they are best positioned to move quickly into impacted areas. With strong collaboration between these two agencies and FedEx, the flight will be completely full with life-saving medical aid and supplies worth over $7 million.

Our hearts go out to all those affected by the typhoon, including our own team members in the region and their families.

As the details of the upcoming MD-11 flight solidify in the coming days, we will update this blog and provide more information on the schedule and routing.

FedEx History with Heart to Heart International
In 2013, FedEx celebrated 18 years of working with Heart to Heart International, which provides disaster assistance and humanitarian aid to more than 50 countries around the world. In total, FedEx has helped Heart to Heart distribute $900 million USD worth of medical aid. FedEx transports $400,000 USD worth of aid annually to medical teams worldwide for Heart to Heart International programs.

November 13, 2013
We are proud to work Direct Relief as they respond to the destruction caused by Super Typhoon Haiyan. While the damage assessment is still ongoing, the NY Times estimates that at least 650,000 people are still displaced.

On the morning of November 14, FedEx picked up 15,000 pounds (75 tons) of medical supplies (valued at $2.2 million) from their location in Santa Barbara, CA to begin the journey to the Philippines. Learn more about the important relief work Direct Relief is leading in Southeast Asia on their blog. Click here to view a video about the shipment.

FedEx History with Direct Relief==
Since 2003, FedEx has provided more than $2.8 million USD in cash grants and transportation assistance to Direct Relief. We have worked together to help some of the world’s most vulnerable communities prepare for and respond to natural disasters. By offering our domestic and international networks and the time, talent and expertise of our team members, in 2010-2011 alone, we helped Direct Relief deliver over 2,300 shipments of relief supplies worth over $37 million USD to its hundreds of healthcare partners.

November 12, 2013
As the world watches the tragic aftermath of Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), all of us at FedEx share in the grief as we see the extent of the destruction. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, survivors, loved ones and first responders affected by this storm.

Internally, our first efforts were accounting for our own team members who live and work in the Philippines. We are grateful that they are all accounted for and safe. Yet, we know that so many families are still waiting for word on their loved ones and waiting for food, water, and supplies. Like so many around the globe, our thoughts turn to “How can we help?”

We are honored to work closely with disaster relief organizations (American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Direct Relief, Heart to Heart and Water Missions) to donate transportation of equipment and relief supplies to impacted areas. While many agencies on the ground are still assessing needs, we are pleased to report that our first flights with aid are on the way.

Water on the Way
On the evening of November 11, one of our planes left from Charleston, SC with two large “Living Water Treatment Systems” from Water Missions.  Each unit can serve up to 5,000 people per day after a disaster. In addition, 10 potable water chlorinators were also on board to help respond to the huge need.

Other agencies have large efforts are underway and we will update this blog post as those great works finalize.

Your Help
In the meantime, many of our customers are also asking how you can help. We encourage anyone wanting to support the relief effort to contact the disaster relief organizations directly. Due to logistical challenges in the affected areas, these organizations prefer monetary support over the collection of new and used items.

About FedEx and Disaster Relief
Disaster relief is in our DNA. For decades, FedEx has been honored to deliver critical supplies, services and expertise to support victims of disaster. For more information, read our latest report on Global Programs in Disaster Readiness, Relief and Recovery or visit the Disaster Relief section of our website.


    Robert says:

    The Living Water Treatment System already arrived at FedEx PH Warehouse and ready to be picked up. We are hoping that the delivery of the system will be accelerated so that people in the affected areas will have relief I can start to rebuild their lives.

    Greg says:

    Thank You Very Much.

    Grace Torrijos says:

    I would like to extend my heartfelt and most sincere thanks to our company for the usual quick response and help to deliver the much needed medical supplies to our fellow Filipinos back home. We are eternally grateful to Fedex Canada and the Canadian government for giving tremendous support and aid to help ease the pains and sufferings of our people. This unfortunate event has brought tears and profound sadness to every filipino around the world, but it is uplifting to know that the goodness in people’s hearts around the globe will always be bigger than any disaster. I could not be more proud to be working for Federal Express. Thank you, Canada! Thank you, Fedex!

    Pam C. Roberson says:

    It always makes me proud to know that FedEx is one of the main sources of help whenever and wherever there’s a natural disaster.

    Alex Sibayan says:

    It just breaks my heart every time I watch the news and see the suffering some of my fellow Filipinos are facing.
    So desperate,helpless,trying to survive each passing day, waiting for help to arrive. And the countless people who perished. It’s unthinkable.
    As always FedEx delivers the Purple Promise.
    Thank you FedEx! and I’m proud to be a part of your team.

    Baerbel says:

    This is fantastic, am very proud of FedEx!


    Thanks for these updates, Shea. Very proud to work for such a caring company. Thanks, FedEx.

    Jackie says:

    Thank you Fedex for all your efforts to help people affected of the Typhoon. They really need help there! It means a lot to them..for sure! God bless your hearts!

    Louie Tecson says:

    Thank you FedEx!

    Richard Torres says:

    It is heartbreaking to see our fellow Filipinos suffer. Many times you wish you were there yourself extending that helping hand. But, we can only pray, organize and donate from here.

    In a tragedy like this is when it is also uplifting to witness many domestic and foreign countries, corporations, organizations, and ordinary people bring aid and support to the typhoon victims.

    Maraming Salamat FedEx!

    Marilyn says:

    This makes me very proud to wear the FedEx badge and at the same time very grateful as I am a Filipino based in AU. BZ to everyone who made this happen. Maraming salamat!

    Rick Bunuan says:

    Thank you Fedex and Canada for your assistane for victims and survivors of typhoon Haiyan. Thank you to those countries who cared enough to send money,materials and manpower.

    Rick Bunuan says:

    Thank you Canada and Fedex for your generous assistance.
    Also many thanks to countries who have given their time, materials,manpower and financial assistance.

    We as Filipinos will never forget your generosity

    Anne de Jesus Parel says:

    On behalf of the Filipino people especially those affected by typhoon Haiyan we are extending our hearltfelt gratitude to FedEx for all the assistance. Thank you! I am proud to be FedEx! God bless and more power to FedEx!

    Brian Flynn says:

    I am proud to work for FedEx, not only for what they’ve done in the past with previous disaster relief, but also for the work they’ve done with the relief effort of Typhoon Yolanda!!

    The relief efforts this time hits home for me as my wife’s family lives in Tacloban. By the grace of God, everyone in her family survived and their home is mostly intact, they were lucky, but most folks in Tacloban were not and the devistation I see on the news reports breaks my heart, especially since we were just there 2 months ago! My wife just returned from the Philippines yesterday and she said the need there is greatly than most in the US can can imagine. They will be rebuilding for many, many years. The Philippine people are a strong and resiliant bunch, they will bounce back!!

    Thank you FedEx for everything that you do!!!

    Lloyd Hermosisima says:

    Thank you FedEx, Direct Relief, Heart to Heart International and Red Cross. We appreciate the assistance. Proud to be FedEx.

    Mayette says:


    Liu Wei says:

    Thank you, Fedex!

    LLOYD DIAZ says:

    Thank you so much FedEx for helping my fellow Filipinos! I am so proud to be part of this company! Mabuhay and Thank you! Muchisima Gracias a todo!

    Andy says:

    Thank you FedEx for this assistance you once again delivered to the Philippines. This is not the first time that you came to the rescue when it’s needed the most. This action once again proved how admirable this company is. Great job, Vernice.

    Lucy Turinsky says:

    Thank you very much FEDEX ! Hope we can also send something from Fedex Europe.

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