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FedEx Investments, Acquisitions in Latin America Spur Economic Growth

July 27, 2012

Often referred to as the “Milan of Latin America,” Medellín, Colombia, is considered by many to be a fashion mecca, a city with sought after production markets in the textile industry.  It’s this reputation for success, coupled with growth in other industries like tourism and flower-growing, that have made Medellín an increasingly important economic center for small and medium sized entrepreneurs in Colombia.

With our finger on the pulse of this economy, FedEx launched domestic service in Colombia.  We launched FedEx Express Nacional there in 2011, and it’s why FedEx International Freight services expanded to include 12 additional markets in Latin America and the Caribbean.  These additions allow FedEx to offer reliable solutions for customs-cleared, time-definite delivery to more than 130 destinations, opening up markets like Medellín to the global supply chain.

These success stories highlight the FedEx commitment to supporting economic growth across Latin America and the Caribbean.  We provide access to the global transportation capabilities these markets need for business growth and continued economic expansion.

Brazil, for example, also has tremendous growth potential, both in the overall economy and in the logistics sector, and is part of a globally connected network of cultures, businesses and communities.  It’s why the acquisition of Rapidão Cometa by FedEx Express not only firms up a decade-long relationship that already existed between the two companies, but also reaffirms our active support of growth and prosperity in Brazil.

In 2011, FedEx acquired MultiPak in Mexico, another union that further enhances our supply chain capabilities in Latin America, while providing customers with a more robust service offering, and the ability to access markets of all sizes.

FedEx is committed to providing the access necessary to support growth in Latin America and the Caribbean.  These investments and insights, backed by our network strength and service-centric team members, enable businesses of all sizes, from Medellín to Mexico, to engage with and drive the world’s marketplace each and every day.


    MayLyn says:

    I so enjoyed reading this! Another great success for FedEx!

    Eddie Cuesta says:

    Its great to read about the success of FEDEx global outreach and their investments and acquisitions in Latin America and the Caribbean.

    Brian says:

    Congrats to FedEx, Latin America should show incredible growth over the next 20 years.

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