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FedEx Invests in Hispanic Scholarship Fund and Outreach Programs

January 7, 2009

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholarship Fund (HSF)announced that FedEx will be supporting the nation’s largest Latino scholarship organization over the next three years with a $352,500 committment.  The funding will provide scholarships for students and support for four community education programs in local markets.

The HSF press release goes on to state:

FedEx recently completed a previous three-year, $332,500 commitment that provided 15 four-year scholarships to deserving students. This renewal will fund five, four-year scholarships for each of the 2009, 2010 and 2011
academic years. This funding will impact HSF’s ability to continue the current level of support to Latino students and help HSF work toward its mission of doubling the rate of Hispanics earning college degrees, to 18 percent.

Funding from FedEx Corp. will also provide support for four HSF Town Hall Meetings across the U.S. — in San Francisco, Dallas,  Miami and Indianapolis — in 2008-2009. These bilingual, multi-media sessions cover the essentials of college preparation and financial aid for students and their families.

FedEx has a history of providing educational opportunites to minority youths.  In additionan to HSF support, FedEx has committed to the United Negro College Fund, the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund and teh Little Rock Nine Scholarship Fund.

For more information about the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, please visit


    Wow what a commitment. As a former youth Pastor its essential to give at risk youth another life by showing them how to move up in this world through programs such as the ones you are investing in. This is great, I never knew FedEx was helping in this way. Go FedEx!!!

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