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FedEx is Proud to Support our Troops

December 16, 2008

Our major support of our troops stands with the USO.  FedEx donated shipping of the USO care package programs to provide support to our troops deployed to the Persian Gulf and the wounded returning to Germany and the United States for treatment.  The packages are sent to more than 120 centers around the world, providing free e-mail and internet access, internatonal phone cards, libraries and travel assistance.  USO affiliates in the United States provide support to service members as well as their families left behind.  Additional in-kind support is provided to transport the entertainment tour schedule.  FedEx has a five year commitment totalling $1.5 million in financial and in-kind support to the USO.


    Dave Lusk says:

    Our troops as well as the global community are fortunate to have you and your peer “FedEx Angels” doing the great work you do for others.
    Whether its supporting our troops or responding to a disaster somewhere…
    your phone number is on the GOC speed dial to find out what you need us to do to support your efforts.
    Thank you for what you do every day.
    You and your team DO make a difference.

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