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FedEx Kicks Off New Campaign During Bowl Championship Series

December 31, 2008

As we approach the 20th anniversary of our FedEx Orange Bowl sponsorship, it’s increasingly clear that the landscape of advertising has forever changed. It is for this very reason that FedEx was one of the pioneers of sports marketing. We recognized then, as we do now, that we had to create innovative marketing solutions to break through the clutter to reach our customers.

The ratings for the FedEx Orange Bowl and our now second FedEx BCS National Championship game continue to deliver. In fact, ratings for these games are, on average, 60 percent higher than prime time television ratings. It’s a fantastic opportunity to reach our customers and drive our business.

Beginning Jan 1, 2009, we will use our BCS platform to launch an all-new advertising campaign called “We Understand.”

The “We Understand.” campaign is designed to be highly cost effective and efficient. It will be deployed differently across several channels but the core strategic message will always be the same, that FedEx understands – and offers solutions for – the various needs of our customers. “We Understand.” will speak to our customers succinctly and consistently and will clearly demonstrate how FedEx can improve their business, especially during these trying economic times.

FedEx Advertising will begin executing the “We Understand.” platform in all of its campaigns beginning Jan. 1, 2009. This includes advertising campaigns for the FedEx brand, sports programs, corporate social responsibility and FedEx Office. “We Understand.” will work across every channel that FedEx uses to communicate with its customers, prospective customers and employees.

As Mike Glenn mentioned in his recent blog post, sports marketing is one of the very few “DVR-proof” opportunities available to advertisers. Our long-term commitments with properties like the FedEx BCS National Championship give us an unrivaled opportunity for significant brand exposure in one of the major television events of the year.

In these challenging economic times, we need to focus on driving the business which includes continuing to advertise. Although we have made notable cuts, such as the decision to not advertise in the 2009 Super Bowl, we still have significant advertising opportunities available to us through our long term sponsorships and other existing commitments such as the BCS. We will continue to maximize these commitments to help drive our business, provide measurable results and, most importantly, put boxes on the FedEx belt.


    Sharon Turco says:

    I LOVE the new “We Understand” campaign. It is a perfect fit for the philosophy of FedEx– PSP!!!

    Kathy Cabrera says:

    It is one of the best commercials in years. I liked how it deals with the current issues of cutting back expenses.

    Dennis Shirokov says:

    Great advertising campaign and the ad is fantastic! Really hits the nail on the head with current economic conditions, but does it so in traditional FedEx funny way. Great job!

    Barbara Tysz says:

    Really like this ad – we do understand!

    Laura Darling says:

    Another great ad for FedEX !!! Keep up the great advertising for us to make it thru this. I have been with FedEX for 12 years and have yet to see any marketing go wrong thank you.

    Tom says:

    I think most of us can relate.  Funny!

    Diane Schultz says:

    That is really cute.. good way to get out services out to the public. keep up the good work!

    Andy Shiles says:

    Good ad. I love the last scene with the guy in the bathroom working under the hot air hand dryer.

    I think the “We understand” concept is fantastic and conveys the message that FedEx is doing all we can to help our customers.

    Michael Ashworth says:

    Our new ad is funny, clever, timely, and best of all, sincere. Very nice work.

    Theresa Williamson says:

    I love the commerical! Especially the hand dryer heater!

    Joe says:

    Ad starts off slow…..but as usual, the punch line at the end with the guy under the hand dryer is nothing more than an instant classic!!! Well done.

    LaToya Long says:

    My team members and I really like the commercial. Very creative with a touch of humor. If I was a proseptive customer watching the ad, I would check out FedEx. Great job!

    T.L. says:

    Loved the new commercial! It was wonderful and speaks volumes to our employees and our customers.

    jim tucker says:

    the add sounds the same to me as all of uor other one’s. if everybody around us is cutting cost as we are doing then why wouldn’t they cut their shipping cost at the same time, after all we did raise our cost when the fuel cost went up but have we droped it sents the cost of fuel went down. i haven’t seen it ! have our customers?

    Kevin Brandt says:

    I am a bit dissapointed that we are not going to advertise during the Superbowl. But I do understand that times are rough for everyone. Thank you FedEx and all the subsidary companies for a job well done.

    Cary says:

    Can anyone tell me the name of the actor playing the FedEx guy please?

    Terry DeMuyt says:

    Good commercial, I like it.

    Dan Moore says:

    Awsome!!! We seem to have Nordic Teusday on a regular basis around here. Very funny good use of corporate dollars.

    Brandy Conway says:

    I did see this commercial during the FedEx Orange Bowl last night. I enjoyed the commercial and thought it was a great way to get the FedEx’x name out there to the comsumers.

    Ken Schroppe says:

    I loved this ad. How about an Ad for sending your luggage FedEx Ground to your Vacation destination or home and saving on the charges for baggage and over weight charges as well.

    Dennis Corneillie says:

    The creators of our commercials are truly disturbed… but I love it. We have some of the greatest commercials.

    Chalmers Sanders says:

    Awesome commercial..Fedex is on the right track!!!

    Justin Shibilski says:

    Very topical. It shows we relate to our target market. White boards are expensive.

    Kimmie says:

    Loved it. Sounds like something my boss might come up with.

    Elizabeth Mann says:

    I like the ad Private Investigator. The P.I. voice is awsome.

    Jon Miller says:

    As in any transportation industry there is not an instant reaction to fuel costs. There tends to be about a 1-2 month lag from when fuel prices drop and when all of the effected industries respond in kind with there prices. I have watched round trip airfare drop alot in the last two weeks or so. I would guess that if the current per barrel price holds for crude, we should start to see our prices drop any time now. Dont forget that this is just my opinion and stated observations.

    Codi says:

    I love how witty FedEx ads are, however I don’t feel like this brought any new info to the table. I think if the courier had said something about maybe opening up a shipping account and saving money, or something along those lines, then it might have been more useful. Otherwise, funny as always!

    Tiffany says:

    My manager and I watched this yesterday and just laughed hysterically, we loved it, especially the man in the bathroom under the hand blower. Fedex did an awesome job with this commercial

    Pete says:

    Thank God it was not Burt Reynolds and the Dancing Bear…

    Robert Armor says:

    Good investment. Demonstrates our awareness of the world/national financial situation and lengths companies are going to, to survive. Speaks to the overall effectiveness of our service. With that “tell-tell” understated comedic twist. Do we produce these internally or does an ad agency (The same one) do all of our promotions?

    JIM DAUPHIN says:

    GREAT commercial. Very funny however it hits home about the cut back, saving money etc. Where was this commercial shot to get the cold effect. Great job.

    JIM DAUPHIN says:

    Great commercial. Funny but it does bring home the thought about cost savings etc.

    dave simms says:

    I like this- very funny.

    Duuna says:

    The ad is clear, simple, and funny. It clearly states the various shipping options our customers have to choose among to fit their shipping needs. Since a picture is worth a 1,000 words, how about showing a line of customers at a fedex station holding various (and comical) “items” to be shipped pictorially demonstrating the abilities of everything FedEx can ship.

    Claudio says:

    Great commercial! as usual, we must never lose a good sence of humor and FedEx does it great.

    Katharine says:

    Of course we have. Fuel surcharge is down to 7.5% and will be even lower in February.

    Ricardo says:

    Nice ad. However I fail to see the value in spending money on ads like this. Would like to see what the ROI is on ads. With all the cost cutting measures I would rather see the money go back towards rewarding employees. I am highly skeptical that these ads bring in new revenue dollars.

    Maria says:


    Gordon Turner says:

    Sending your luggage by FedEx Concept.

    Yes, that would be a good angle, not to mention that with FedEx it WILL get there. No lost baggage claims…

    Spike says:

    Fedex will raise base shipping rate by 5.9% in 2009, I am just wondering how fedex is helping small business owners to save money in that regards ?

    Sue LeVey says:

    Loved the ad. People need to something to brighten there day during these hard times.

    Jan says:

    My reaction? Good commercial. I agree it does start off slow, but it’s clever and witty. The ending is priceless.

    Sachin Kumar says:

    FedEx has positioned itself as a premium brand. Wouldn’t these ads focused on FedEx being a cheaper option dilute that brand perception?

    Once again you came through for us with an Ad that truly speaks to the ‘cold’ truths about today’s business ‘climate change.’
    I can see us making sales calls around the hand dryer!HA!

    Stephen says:

    Are we really less expensive than other major carriers? Unless we are cheaper on a regular basis, especially to small businesses, then this ad will come off as a red herring to business owners. “We understand, you need to save money.”; how exactly does using Fedex save me money? Cheaper than others? Ground over air? It’s an ad, it’s fairly funny, it gets Fedex on TV…other than that? Just playing devil’s advocate here.

    Todd Hull says:

    As usual, another great commercial. I love them!

    David Quinn says:

    Absolutely loved this ad! Very funny, thank you. How about some SmartPost exposure, it’s about time we unleash this secret weapon…

    Renato Barros says:

    Good commercial, I like it.

    Charles Moyer says:

    I loved the commercial. Great Job

    Mike Himber says:

    Great campaign! We have the best maketing folks in the business!

    allen valencia says:

    great commercial!

    Betty says:

    The add is really good especially the last frame.I feel it exemplifies our commitment to our customers and employees. I agree that an add about FedExing bags to a travel destination would be great. I do it all the time.

    Melissa says:

    FedEx Ground doesn’t accept personal goods and generally does not accept anything in “luggage” type packaging, suitcases and duffle bags included…

    Melissa says:

    Our prices have been dropping since October of 2008…our prices change monthly with our fuel surcharge

    Tom White says:

    I will never look at another hand dryer the same. Hillarious!

    Susan says:

    Love it! Love it! Love it! This is perhaps FedEx’s best advertising yet…well, along with Stick in last year’s Super Bowl Ad. Very funny and keeps you interested the whole way through. AND, relates to what is on everybodys’ minds – saving money! The hand dryer scene at the end is pure genius! Way to go!!!

    Spike says:

    How does Fedex save small business money ? I don’t understand this ad. Didn’t they just announce that 2009 will see 5.9% increase in shipping fees ?

    Rich says:

    Leonard Earl Howze

    He played Dinka, the African student and is also in a Progressive Auto commercial now.

    Check “Barbershop” on IMDB.

    Keith says:

    Great job (as usual) … and actually funny this time all around. I do, however, suggest that it should be “Mr. Butkus.” And, I’m afraid at WHQ we’ll soon be enjoying “Minnesota Mondays.” ;>)

    Londa Mitchell says:

    Wow…sometimes we need a laugh through the course of the day…that really made me laugh…good commercial!!

    Jay says:

    I love the ad and the slogan “We Understand” is great.

    Ryan Mercer says:

    Great idea, great commercial.

    -Ryan Mercer
    SR. Eco Import Agent FedEx Trade Networks
    Indianapolis EPC

    Sharon says:

    I love this commerical. I also saw the other one with the employees have a meeting in the college dorm room. Very clever….

    sian gregoire says:

    Great ad FedEx. I like the last scene – using the hand dryer for heat, lol. I might even try it!

    Peggy Williams says:

    This is a great commerical and I’m glad to see that FedEx understands the situtation that we are all facing. I will be using ground service more often now.

    Brad THomas says:

    I love the “Dorm” ad, it cracks me up every time! I would love to see more of them and their frugal boss, HILARIOUS!

    Glenn says:

    Love it!

    If someone thinks they have a great idea for a commercial who do the send the idea to?

    brian a nutter says:

    I like the ad very funy and to the point, what about smart post dont forget about us where pushing the numbers too.

    DAVID ESTES (AFWH) says:

    I loved the commercial. Great Job Absolutely loved this ad!

    terry says:

    Luv this ad….so much like the place we work…lol

    Manlee Chavez says:

    With Mother’s day approaching we should consider a campaign that focuses on our appreciation for moms. This simple promotion should be geared towards a more sensitive method of advertising to create our brand imaging in association with the reminder that we at FedEx consider all shipments very important. A tender ad may have a greater impact verses a humorous spot. This will help us reach out to a much broader target customer.

    Saeed Iqbal says:

    Great ad,….Just in Time! Just What People Need!

    anca csa says:

    that is too funny…. I like the idea its very creative.

    donnie sharp says:

    i always thought a good idea for a commerical, would be the following, remember the song, ain’t no mountain high enough, no valley low enough, no river wide enough to keep me from you, could imagine a fedex plane going over the mountain, c. van through the valley, fedex ferry boat going through the water, with the song playing!in the backgound, this would be awesome.

    Bret Stephens says:

    Right on target! I am a grad student with an emphasis in marketing. We are currently researching ways to connect with the public during economic challenges. I know that this kind of campaign aligns with the current “Harvard” mindset.

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