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FedEx Lifesaving Relief Work Featured in CSR Film Festival – Vote Now!

February 24, 2010

Some years ago, I participated here in Memphis as an extra in the filming of the movie The Firm, based on the novel by John Grisham. I was an “elevator guy.” I stood by an elevator door for two days while they shot a scene that lasted no more than 30 seconds. It was fascinating to see everything that goes into making an action scene come to life on the screen. I did not win an Oscar for my part. I actually wound up on the cutting room floor – apparently too much competition for the leading male actor!

As fascinating as it was to see the behind-the-scenes action in the making of this Hollywood feature film, right now you have a rare opportunity to see even more fascinating action with a behind-the-scenes look at the lifesaving work FedEx does in responding to disasters.

A short film (three minutes) about our response to the earthquake in Haiti is currently featured in a CSR Film Festival. The public is encouraged to view the films featuring the CSR initiatives of many corporations and to then vote on their favorite.

The FedEx film takes you into the very heart of FedEx. You’ll get to watch and see our action-packed inner-workings as our global operations teams spring into action in response to the disaster. FedEx has transported more than one million pounds of relief supplies and medicines in support of the relief effort in Haiti, including 13 free charter flights, for various international charities.

I hope you will take a moment to visit the film festival site at And, I hope you’ll vote for FedEx!

In addition to providing significant cash grants in support of relief efforts worldwide, FedEx also makes our powerful global transportation network available year round to several international relief agencies. This video will show you a best-in-class example of how a corporation may use its unique expertise, capabilities and resources to help communities around the world.

So, if you would like a jolt of inspiration from seeing our team members go the extra mile to help save lives, please do take a look at our video!

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