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FedEx Makes “Best Companies to Work for” List

January 22, 2009

Today FORTUNE announced its list of America’s 100 Best Companies to work for 2009, and I am very proud FedEx made the list for the 11th time in the past 12 years.  We are the largest company (in terms of number of employees) to make the cut, so it’s an even greater honor—after all, the bigger the company, the more challenging it is to manage for excellence. In addition, scores for participating companies are partially based on the responses of several hundred of their own employees.

I’d like to give a big thanks to all our team members, particularly in difficult economic times, for achieving this recognition for FedEx. We can only exceed customer expectations if we have a great team delivering every day on our Purple Promise, which says “I will make every FedEx experience outstanding.” Our people are the public face of FedEx and, through our Purple culture, the ones who keep our reputation strong.  Why does that matter?  Studies show that strong cultures and good reputations deliver better financial results, beat the competition and cultivate more loyal customers. Essentially, culture and reputation have become powerful competitive differentials in the marketplace.

As always, we appreciate such recognition, but whether we receive the accolades or not, we’ll keep doing what we say we’ll do, raising our quality and service standards, and never being satisfied until every transaction is flawless. Thanks again, FedEx team!  You are the ones who make it happen.


    Morgan says:

    To bad Fedex office is the red headed step child of fedex….bad pay and bad benefits and everything else.

    Beverly Cockrum says:

    Mr Smith,

    Thank you for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to recognize your teams and share this very positive information. It has been a joy to be part of the FEDEX team and I hope our relationship and success lasts for many years to come. God Bless You!

    Steve Reynolds says:

    Thank YOU Mr. Smith! I am so proud to work for FedEx!


    Moises Serrano says:

    I am a newly hired Senior Center Manager and I come form a fortune 50 company. I want to let you know that the value and emphasis you place on people is what makes this company great. I had a tough decission to make pror to coming on board. I feel better every day and want to fight to keep this compnay profitable and will do what it takes. I feelt like I am going to be bleeding FedEx color due to the respect and support I have recieved from my fellow managers and supervisor. Thank you for what you do and let’s continue to make this company great.

    Kathleen Russell says:

    I have been employed by the company for 30 years. I was with CJ Tower, Tower Group International, McGraw Hill and, now, FedEx. Of all the different companies I have worked for, I find the FedEx is the best. They really care about their employees and show it every day. I believe our employees reciprocate by extending every effort to honor the Purple Promise everyday. I am proud to be a member of the FedEx family and look forward to the future of our company.

    jon silverstein says:

    Congatulations…WGM would have been proud. You’re one of the few remaining CEO’s that really make a difference.

    Kenneth Smith says:

    Although we are not related (at least not that I am aware of), I am proud to have the Smith name and to be a team member of a great company. Thank you, Mr. Smith, for your very positive comments made today. I, too, have had many years of work experience but working for FedEx Office over the past two years and applying the Purple Promise in every encounter makes every day a real pleasure.

    Bobbi Felder says:

    I agree with you Mo, I am a new hire also and this is the first time working for a fortune 500 company and I am honored and glad to be here.

    Robert Hoover says:

    Mr Smith,

    Thank you for allowing employee like myself to work for such a prestigious company. I only wish that our team members see the vision that you have had since the conception of FedEx.


    Luke Anderson says:

    We here at Office are in the retail/printing industry. Pretty much every other OpCo for FedEx is in the transportation business. If you look at our industry we offer competitive pay and if you shop our benefits I think you will find that overall they are good.

    The transportation industry operates on an industry specific pay and benefits band so they can stay competitive in their markets. We cannot seriously expect that just because we operate under the FedEx umbrella we automatically qualify for their Industry standards? FedEx Office sets their benefit package accordingly to the industry we are in. If we did not operate independently FedEx would not be in the position to compete collectively.

    As far as the red headed step child. If we were the top performer for FedEx in terms of sales, profit, and customer service this would not be an issue. FedEx and FedEx Office are taking steps to ensure that we can achieve sustainability on our own. If you want to interpret that as them unfairly requesting of us to do extra so be it. I appreciate the fact that FedEx has invested massive cash into our infrastructure and people.

    Maybe FedEx bought a retail business and is still learning the ins and outs on how to properly manage and run a business outside of the transportation industry? That could be the case. I can say though that we are very fortunate that FedEx was the company that purchased Kinko’s. Without their strong commitment to P-S-P, Kinko’s in my opinion could have very well folded under lesser management.

    So I would ask that before you say the grass is greener on the other side take a look at all the extra effort FedEx has put into our company to right the ship. Because there are tons of companies out their without their FedEx’s commitment and leadership that would have decided to run us into the ground instead of having the vision to build us up.

    Tollyne Fischbach says:

    Morgan, do you work for FedEx Office? If you do; shame on you because this is absolutely not the truth. Hopefully, the unemployed in this world that would love to have a job with FedEx Office will forgive you!

    Spike Lee says:

    Microsoft has made a profit of 4.1BILLION this quarter, just a little off from the 4.5Billion from last year quarter! 4.1Bil is a lot of profit!!!! But the greedy Microsoft is not happy, they are laying off 5000 people. Company like that deserve no loyalty from the employees. They contribute to the unemployment statistic and creating bad aura for this economy climate. There’s other reason why Microsoft is not loved by the tech community, but this absolutely does not help it. It affects moral, affect the quality of the products, and that just feeds the spiral downward momentum.

    In the contrary, Fedex has always been the people first, profit later company, thus during good time or bad time, we stick with you, we always make sure Fedex service quality is #1 in the world!Thats why as a loyal employee, we always on the lookout for FedEx. I salute you Mr. Smith. You really mean what you said, and thats a rare breed nowaday and you’re the true champion and leader that others should learn from.

    Hope Alexander says:

    Kudos Mr. Smith!
    Having a background in the newspaper industry, I am so happy I made the decision 13 years ago to join your team. These are difficult times for everyone and your decisions to keep as many people employed as possible whatever the sacrifice, will be rewarded in team member loyalty for years to come.

    David says:

    I’ve worked for FedEx Ground, Home Delivery, and for the past few years, Express. I couldn’t be happier with my experiences in the corporation.

    My only surprise is that we were not ranked higher. Sadly, my previous employer of five years has made the list several times, and late last year began laying people off. That has made me fully aware that FedEx cares about employees with the changes it has made for 2009 to further prevent a need to make cuts.

    With the economy the way it is, I’m proud to be a part of the PURPLE PROMISE!

    Thank you for making this a great place to work.

    Elango Sundaram says:

    Congratulations to all in FedEx.
    This is a great place to work.
    Next we should come in the list of “World’s 100 Best Companies to work for” and “America’s 10 Best Companies to work for”.

    Shaun says:

    I have been a Recruiter(in another Industry) for many years and I am so glad to be a part of the FedEx family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chris Burris says:

    I just wanted to say that I am proud every day to work for FedEx. This company served my father for 20+ years, and now me and my girlfriend for 13 and 20 years. It is a pleasure to do the things that will keep FedEx strong and a dominate world force.

    dawn says:

    I am especially proud to be working for FedEx Office. I have only been with the company for 1 year and I have had the best time. Everyone at FedEx cares about their employees. I also believe strongly in the purple promise.

    lene davis says:

    I have been with FedEx 10 years….and yes FedEx Office is treated like the stepchild….but I belive that in the future as we truly operate as one…great things will happen…Let’s keep hope alive…change is coming……

    Tess says:

    I am moved to respond to Morgan’s comment. There are many of us with FedEx Office that will disagree with Morgan.

    I started working for a Kinko’s franchise in 1996 in the Tulsa Market for $7 hour. It wasn’t much but the insurance benefits were great and I was a divorced parent with two small children. And I had a lot of hope for the future.

    I took classes at night and online. I took extra classes on the Knowledge Network. I took charge of my development.

    I have a good life. My team works together religiously to make a difference to our customers, our company, to each other and to ourselves. The Tulsa Market is a close knit bunch who truly care about each other.

    We (FedEx Office) may be the new kids on the block. But we are not the “red headed step child of Fedex”. We are part of the future and the folks I work with are proud to be FedEx.

    I have a college degree and I am marketable outside of FedEx. I CHOOSE to stay at FedEx. The days of “bad pay and bad benefits” existed for me only in the brief period that I did not take charge of my development.

    Warm regards,
    Tess Tucker

    Dale Scott says:

    Bravo Zulu ..Once again Fedex shows the USA how companies with good corporate governance achieve recognition from the business world through their employees satifaction. I am a 20 year employee with Fedex Canada and year after year fedex is in the top 50 employers in Canada. Mr Smith, I thank you for your leadership and passion for Fedex and I look forward to being a part of Fedex for years to come.

    John Mauro, Jr. says:

    I have been in the US Navy and the US Merchant Marines as an officer and in the transportation industry for over 15 years. I’ve worked for the competition. This is the best team I’ve ever worked with.

    Heather Cretcher says:

    Mr. Smith,
    I have worked for many companies mostly Restraunt but some others too and I love and feel greatly appreciated here at Fedex Office. I recently had a little boy and I received congrats cards from all the big bosses which made me feel very important. In my oppinion the bennefits are wonderful I was paid almost the whole time I was gone and my store has recieved a bonus all but one quarter the past two years. I am totally satisfied with my job.


    Thank you Mr. Smith ! You planted a seed which grew a great harvest! I am a 21 year Service Agent which had many “HAIRY DAYS.” BUT! always provided the ” PURPLE PROMISE.” It works! FED EX IS HERE TODAY! And I not only speak for myself but for all fellow employees we are blessed to be part of this co. Paula

    Connie Dawley says:

    I am proud to work for FedEx and be a part of the FedEx team.

    I clearly understand why FedEx ‘makes the list’.

    William Thurston says:

    Coming from several other airlines, I can attest to the integrity and honor among the leaders of this company. During my 26 years in the military it was always stressed “Respect earned not commanded” Well, you certainly earned my respect.

    Joe says:

    30 Years with FedEx, and loving each and every one.
    Thank you for the opportunity to work for and be a part of such a great company with outstanding leadership….

    Laura Maciariello says:

    I have been with Fedex for twenty years now. I’ve seen years of fabulous growth and years of tough economic times, and through it all, Fedex has put employees first. I appreciate that, and in return, Fedex gets my best effort every day to deliver the Purple Promise. I think a lot of employees feel the same way.

    I have been an employee for 30 years, presently working in FCIS that maybe problem on homepage. Thank you for the years. Nothing has changed as for how our leader looks out for the company.

    Timur Abdreimov says:

    Mr. Smith!
    It’s a big honor to work for FedEx!
    Many thanks from EMEX GSP Kazakhstan!


    Ken Warren says:

    Fred, Thank you for all that you have done for the employees of FedEx, and the PSP is the engine that drives us all. God Bless.


    I am proud to work for Fedex.I tell my friends I can’t wait to get get to work the challenges really excite me they say wished I felt that way about my job !

    Terry Styner says:

    Having come to FedEx after working at several other large corporations, I am grateful every day for the opportunity to be a part of this organization. Not one of the corporations I worked for before coming here viewed their employees as People first. Employees were “resources”, much like the raw materials used for production. Not one of those companies exists today, except as a division of some other large corporation.

    Thank you, Mr. Smith, for your vision, your values, and your example.

    I have worked for FedEx almost 20 years. I cannot understand how anyone who works for FedEx could be anything but thankful to have such great health benefits (even for parttimers); very good vacation, retirement, legal coverage, etc. etc. and an owner who would take a large paycut in lieu of laying off even one of his over 200,000 employees. That is what I call caring. Thank you from the bottom of my heart FRED SMITH.

    A long time employee.

    Danny Iluobe says:

    I have been employed with company for almost 24 years. I echo the sentiments of the rest of my fellow employees. The Genius of our Chairman/CEO is not only the birth of the world most innovative airline transportation company (FedEx) but also a company that cares about its employees and communities. His People Service Profit philosophy is the foundations and bedrock of the Company. This is the reason why the company is just as solid and had been able to weather these tough economic times…

    sandy beasley says:

    Both my husband and I are proud to be part of FedEx through FTN. It is a great company with good goals and values.

    Ruben Perez says:

    With the recent ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ announcement, I continue to be proud to work for FedEx. Having come from an acquired company that was often on the verge of closing its doors, I appreciate the tough decisions our executive management team makes to provide us with a ‘best’ place to work. Their desire to do what’s best continues to place FedEx in the lead as an innovative company. For example, even with the difficult announcement of salary decreases and freezes for exempt personnel, FedEx seems to have provided a model for others, including our U.S. government to follow. The national press applauded FedEx for another example of a strong commitment to its employees and customers. For me the FedEx experience has been absolutely, positively the best!

    Pong says:

    Dear Smith,

    Per your message –
    ‘I’d like to give a big thanks to all our team members, particularly in difficult economic times, for achieving this recognition for FedEx’

    This is my great pleasure to work with FedEx over 10 ten years, I am appreciate FedEx provide me lot of things such as TA (I earn my first degree, & coming the Master degree), job promotion, good working environment & etc.
    I believe that – People & Innovation vision are the valuable assets, to help FedEx can overcome the difficult economic times & development continuously.

    Thanks again

    Aurangzeb Siddiqui says:

    Dear Mr. Smith,

    I am very proud to be a part of the FedEx family. It surely is the best company to work for all over the world! Everyday we deliver the purple promise & leave our customers wanting more of the outstanding service! im confident that we will make it on list each year! I have learnt alot in life through our work here at FedEx! Many thanks for taking care of all of us

    FedEx Express, DXBRC

    Patty Sohlberg-Franchek says:

    We are very grateful for the way that we are cared about!! I have been an employee of FedEx
    for over 17 years…15 yrs with FedEx Express
    and nearly 3 with FedEx Office..formerly
    FedEx Kinkos. I have seen alot of changes
    but the one thing that remains constant is
    the Purple Promise! We love our company as well
    as each other, Yes times our tough … our volume
    is down but the one thing that I can tell you
    from the heart and that is that in 17 years
    of working for FedEx there has never been one day
    when I didn’t want to come to my office and welcome our customers! In 17 years I have never
    even called in sick!!! There is alot to say
    for that kind of love!! Happiness IS!!!!
    Thank you Fred Smith….Patty at SCFKN

    William A Thurston Jr says:

    I have been a Snow Plow Contractor helping FedEx Express in Wilmington , MA accomplish their mission in the winter months for the past 17 plus years . Although I am not an employee if feel like a true member and imprtant part of their team . I love the company and the people and take great pride working with such dedicated people . I try to have my company emulate them . I have great respect for the owner , his accomplishments and the leadership he has in place . I look forward to the furure together .A great company to work with and for I guess you could say . Bill Thurston Wilmington Snow Removal , Wilmington , MA

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