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FedEx Military Dad Delivers Trees For Troops

December 14, 2011

As a FedEx Freight team member I’m part of a team that delivers millions of shipments and packages each year. I know each shipment and package is special to our customers. But, today I helped make a special delivery that is important to me and my family.  My wife Teresa and I were part of the FedEx Freight team that delivered holiday joy to hundreds of U.S. service members and their families at Fort Polk, Louisiana.  
My family has a long military tradition and I’m a proud military dad. So, I guess this delivery really started in 2009 when my son Ethan joined the Army. Like any military parent I was proud and nervous.  If you have a child or spouse serving overseas then you know how difficult it is to see them go off to war.  You know that you live day to day and try to stay busy to make the time go faster.
Sadly, we got the news which is every military parent’s nightmare. I will never forget that telephone call – Pfc. Ethan Courter, 10th Mountain, was seriously wounded in combat operations in Afghanistan. We found out later that Ethan was the only soldier that survived in his vehicle. Thankfully, Ethan has recovered and is now back with his unit at Fort Polk.  

I was honored when FedEx asked me and my wife to be part of the Trees for Troops team that would deliver Christmas trees to Fort Polk. How could we refuse seeing my son and his buddies? It was an honor to give back to our military by being a FedEx Freight team member who delivered Christmas trees to one of the 60+ U.S. bases through the Trees for Troops program.   
For the past seven years FedEx Freight has provided transportation for Trees for Troops. We’ve delivered thousands of real Christmas trees to service members stationed overseas, as well as to military bases in the U.S.  This year we delivered the program’s 100,000th Christmas tree to a Marine family at Camp Pendleton. These Christmas trees are a big deal to military families with a spouse overseas because it’s one less thing they have to worry about.  Check out the Trees for Troops Facebook site for pictures.
I’m not only happy that my wife and I have the opportunity to see my son for the holidays,  I’m proud to work for a company that recognizes service members’ and their families and is committed to help them year after year. I want to thank all of our service members and their families.

God Bless you
Mark Courter, FedEx Freight

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