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FedEx Named Among FORTUNE Magazine’s “2013 Best Places to Work For”

January 25, 2013

I am proud to congratulate our incredible FedEx team on once again making FORTUNE Magazine’s Great Places to Work list. FedEx is a special place, and we know it’s the dedication of our hard-working team members that account for this company’s continued success.

FedEx is known as an employer of choice around the world for many reasons – our long history of developing team members and promoting from within, our commitment to the communities in which we live and work, and our ongoing dedication to responsible environmental practices in our daily operations are just a few.

I could go on and on about my pride in this workforce and my own personal excitement about working for this company, but I feel the best stories come from you. Read below to hear some of our team members’ personal thoughts on what they like most about working at FedEx, and please share your own in the comments below.

Thank you for your continued service, and congratulations!

Judy Edge, CVP Human Resources


Brittney Christian, Customer Service Representative
FedEx Trade Networks

“FedEx is a great place to work because they invest in employees and support us with growth opportunities [like specialized training and tuition reimbursement programs.] By setting goals, utilizing the tools that FedEx has to offer, and putting in a little hard work, you really can drive your career where you want it to go. I feel working for FedEx has been a true asset to my career and personal growth. I take great pride in working for FedEx.”


Donald Olson, Sr. Center Manager
FedEx Office

“Just over 2 years ago my youngest son, Jeremiah, was in an ATV Accident and had a compound fracture of his right arm…that was the easy part. Due to the trauma to his body, the anesthesia from surgery, and pain medication, an illness that Jeremiah already had, but had been previously undiscovered, came to light.  Jeremiah was diagnosed with a form of Muscular Dystrophy called Myasthenia Gravis. Jeremiah’s nerves were not talking to his muscles, and Jeremiah could lie on the floor and have all the desire to stand but his body said, “No!”  Jeremiah’s disease has no cure, and is something he will live with forever.

So why does this make me love FedEx Office?

FedEx Office, led by Mike Naranjo, and the entire D-85 Team (Northern Colorado), were awesome!!!  My D85 family was there for my entire family, especially Jeremiah, though this entire journey, and even though I am part of a new district in order to be closer to Children’s Hospital, not a day goes by that I know they are not thinking about Jeremiah and The Olson Family!  The love from my FedEx Family is why I love FedEx Office.”


Holly Ruwe, Service Manager II Admin
FedEx Ground

“I think the ‘people piece’ is the most important piece. If you take care of your people, they’re going to take care of everything else for you.”


Shawn Spaller, Sr. Lead Agent
FedEx Custom Critical

“We all hear repeatedly, ‘it’s the people that keep me coming back to work.’ It’s true! People are indeed special here, and I honestly feel it is our greatest asset. We truly ARE FedEx! ”


Lanny Badger, Part-time dockworker
FedEx Freight

“I have worked for FedEx [Freight] as a part-time employee for over two decades. I am a middle-school math teacher by day and a dockworker by night. FedEx has made my life easier by providing me with the extra income I desire and flexibility with my hectic schedule. My supervisors have always worked with me when I need to attend school functions, allowed me to increase my hours if needed, and treated me with respect. There are not many companies that are willing to be as flexible as FedEx has been with me. I appreciate all that FedEx has provided for me and my family.”


    Jason A Boucher says:

    “In such a tough job market as the one we have today, I consider myself extremely fortunate. Thanks to the commitment of Fred Smith and Im sure countless others forsight we work for a great company with competitive benefits and wages. For 16 years and 4 locations and 6 different postitions I have been around for a while. I still love it and hopefully will work here for years to come. Thank you Fedex for providing a place to work that we are proud of, and thank you giving me a secure life for me and my family.”

    Kevin Ellis says:

    I have just completed my 24th year with FedEx Express. Unlike other jobs I have held,(with other Fortune 500 companies, prior to coming to FedEx), I enjoy my job, and look forward to going to work each day, knowing I could make a difference in someone’s day. As an Operations Manager, or a Sr. Training Instructor, I get to train new and tenured employees on the proper delivery, and pick up methods, as well as roll play customer service situations, since “SERVICE” is all we have to sell.

    FedEx empowers their employees to take part in the decision making process of each days operations, they know it’s a team effort, and if they don’t do their job they are letting someone down, and that someone may be the customer. We train that at the end of each transaction we want a satisfied customer!
    Most New Hires comment that they can’t believe that with the economy the way it’s been, that FedEx still has not laid off any couriers, and actually has a 401K and pension plan, that the company contributes to. I feel proud to be able to say, “You are fortunate to be with a company that promotes from within, and takes care of its people”. “ If you want or need to move to another state, go online and apply for whatever position you are qualified for, and hopefully you will get it, and not have to quit”.
    I see a lot of people that have left the company to pursue other interests, come back after a few years, realizing that the grass is not always greener over there.

    Gwendolyn B Bailey says:

    I have been an employee of FedEx Express for five years. I have grown as an employee, responsibility and knowledge wise within the company. I remember when I first started I was just a package handler thinking this was the end of the road at a purposeless job.This job was supposed to be a stepping stone for me until I found better. My very first manager Mike Altivilla was so helpful and encouraging, giving me an insight into how to make this “purpose less job” a career option. Once I had learned all that this company had to offer; benefits, 401K, discounts on travel, and tuition reimbursements. It was clear that I should reconsider looking for other employment. I applied myself, each year I moved up to a better position with more pay and responsibility. Presently I am a Dangerous Goods Hazmat Agent. I am enrolled in the AIM ( Management) program and a full time student. My goal is to move forward within the company after obtaining my degree. Five years ago I would have never thought I would still be working for FedEx, but now I am a proud employee encouraging others to join the team. Team FedEx!

    Kent C. says:

    In 14+ years I’ve had the great opportunity to work at 6 stations/ramps and “off-duty” promotions like AIR SHOWS and CHARITY assistance. What a ‘team effort’ and ‘positive attitude’ will do for everyone! GO FEDEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Debra says:

    What do I like about working for FedEx?

    The company itself, the people, the benefits, the atmosphere, the technology, the collaborations, the…well EVERYTHING!

    Patty Dugger Technical Quality Adviro says:

    I love FedEx!! I’ve been with Express and Services for 34 years. I’ve been involved in so much of the growth and have made so many great friends. FedEx really cares about their customers, provides the best quality services, they care about the local community, the envirnoment, and they care about their people. I am so proud to work at FedEx and really enjoy making a difference for our customers and our world!

    Thank you Mr. Smith for creating such an awesome vision, impeccable leadership and a great company.

    Anita Conorqui says:

    FedEx is significant for its benefits and flexible work schedules. No matter whether you are full time or part time you share in the same benefit package as long as you meet the minimal required weekly hours. I have been a part time worker for 18 years and Fedex supported me during a Divorce and also provided additional income when my daughter went off to College. I now encourage my College graduate to seek opportuntiy with the best Company on the map. My Company Fedex!!!

    Elisabeth de Zagon says:

    I’ve been working for FedEx (in Belgium) for over 17 years and not a day goes by where I don’t thank my lucky stars for the job I have. I am in Network Implementaiton & Control (operations… previously Sales & Marketing Analyst) and we have the attitude in our dept of “let’s get it done, no matter what”. I work with the best (and funniest) group of people around and we work hard, but enjoy life in and outside of FedEx. My boss is easy to talk to, gives me complete trust as do my colleagues. And we work in the interest of FedEx, not just for our team or dept. It’s a great place to work, but I would not have stayed so long were it not for the people.

    Jim Everson says:

    Ive work for Fedex 16 years.I can honestly still say i love my job.I work with a great bunch of people.My customers love fedex.We do go above and beyond.Thats why we are as good as it gets.Fedex rocks!!!!

    DeMarco Weeden says:


    FedEx Express is a very ethical, friendly, and constructive company to work for. Ive been working at the Tulsa Ramp for a year and a half now and just as my managers preached the purple promise to me, I feel the also deliver that promise to the employees. Im extremely grateful, and appreciate the oppurtunity for the experience. I plan on continuing my work at FedEx Express just moving from position to postion because again the oppurtunity is there.

    John Hansen says:

    What a great place to work! While many companies have stumbled or lost their way, FedEx senior management has kept most of us working throughout the economic roller coaster ride since 2008. Amazing!

    God bless all in the management team who have waded through all the financial and logistic minutae and kept all the balls, and airplanes, in the air! Thank you Judy for your post and thank you FedEx!

    Eva D Lantrip says:

    I’ve been with FedEx for 28 years so I have seen many changes. Throughout all of the changes, the PSP philosophy has been the cornerstone of the continued success of FedEx. Putting people first has enabled the company to make progress and reward the employees along the way.

    Barbara Salvatore says:

    I have worked for FedEx Express for 32 years. I have worked in many different functions and divisions. I have been satisfied, amazed and thankful for how this company has been developed, grown and sustains itself. I am FedEx and it is an honor to work at this company.

    Nigel Lewis says:

    Well done FedEx, we posted this story on the website and it was received very well by our readers.

    Liddie Frederick says:

    I have been with Fedex 23 years (Memphis), my son Timothy Frederick has been with Fedex Express 25 years. 8 years ago a storm came through Plantation Florida and Tim’s power was out for over a month, but his Fedex family supplied him with a generator to run his major appliances, all the bottled water and batteries he needed. So I am very proud Fedex was there for him and for me, for they take care of their own.

    James Lovett says:

    Im am a vendor (welder fabricator)I’ve worked for Fed Ex off/on since 2007. I love to work here, the people are great, and I have a good relationship with the managers. I see a lot of improvements, training of employees, promotions, and it’s an great place to work at MIA. I’ve always desired to work full time, but I understand the economy. However I enjoy coming to work. When you enjoy going to work it’s not work. It’s being part of the big picture. Helping, sharing, and getting the job done. I thank Fed Ex for the opportunity to work, in what ever capacity, God Bless

    Antonio Sears says:

    I must say that I have been with Fedex for 15 and a half yrs. Started in the Memphis World Hub, and took advantage of going out into the field working at the GSO ramp in Greensboro. If I told you that you can be all you can be? I will tell you that Fedex can make that possible so long as you want that! This is a Company that always shocks me with the Creative way that they are able to stay visionaries during tough times. I wouldn’t trade this job for anything at all! Call me a Company Man and Mr. Purple Promise!

    Kathy Beckstead says:

    Feb.1/13 I celebrate 25 yrs. with FedEx Canada.A highlight of my career was the Nov./11 filming of Undercover Boss Canada, which as I found out later,was with Canadian President Lisa Lisson. In the U.S. our show was on OWN Network. Lisa is such a genuine kind person, and through Lisa’s hard work and dedicaton to our employees, FedEx is ranked in the top 10 companies to work for in Canada. My son Hugh, who has worked for FedEx for 13 years went with me on the gift trip to New York City. What a great place to go explore, and enjoy live theatre.Hugh and I began our careers in Toronto and are now working at the Kelowna station in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. Love working in this small station,expansion to a newer building is on the way this year, 2013.

    Cary Miller says:

    Having work for both UPS and Fed Ex Express, I truly have an understanding for what the Purple Promise means. Being a part of the Express team has been an great experience since day one. There is a difference when a company focuses on its employees before its service and thats why Fed Ex lands on Fortune’s lists every year.

    Diane Goodwin says:

    It may seem strange that one of the things I like about working at FedEx is that I see co-workers getting frustrated, just like I do sometimes. To me it is evidence of people caring about their jobs and wanting to do things better. I have worked places where many employees just didn’t care, and I didn’t like it. I enjoy working for FedEx and want to see this company and its employees continue to succeed, while doing what I can to be a part of it. Long live FedEx!

    Sylvain UBERSFELD says:

    I know for a fact that what is important for Fedex is the qualities and talents of people hired. I have witnessed many promotions amongst frontline employees, which is very rare in traditional French companies. Fedex places a great trust in its employees and management and provides real opportunities for personal development and career. Seing managers or senior managers coming from the ranks is a clear demonstration that Fedex puts in practice PSP principles. Having witnessed the growth of Fedex in EMEA,and after so many years with the company, I still find fascinating the continuous development of projects and the underlaying willpower to always ” do best”

    Sheryl Bryant says:

    My co-workers say I should be a recruiter for FedEx because I am a walking talking promoter of how great it is to be blessed to work for FedEx. I have honorably worn uniforms for both the Air Force and Army, that same pride and dedication shines when I wear FedEx.

    raiana ollier says:

    I started my carrer with fedex early and i am still pretty new but i bleed purple already! I am truly honored and appreciate the opportunity to work for fedex and i feel that it is the best place to work!!:) FedEx is FANTASTIC we are helping people around the word get there Hopes and Dreams delivered to them and i love being apart of it!

    Abet Ilocto says:

    I have been here in Kuwait for 22 yrs working for different companies but at last I finally found the one that I can trully can called HOME. I’m proud to be one of the FedEx family and will continue to give the very best that I can be. GOB BLESS US ALL…

    Bikerfox says:

    I am very happy with Fed-X. Your personal service means the world to me.

    LOve BF

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