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FedEx Office Provides Free Resume Printing on March 10

March 4, 2009

No one needs reminding that America’s workforce has been affected by these challenging economic times. The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently said the country’s unemployment rate stands at 7.6 percent, and the Federal Reserve believes it could go far higher. That means many of our friends, family members, and neighbors are looking for employment, working tirelessly to get their resume in front of recruiters and hiring managers. And despite living in a digital era, America’s job seekers still benefit from the use of printed resumes that highlight their unique skills and experience when it comes time for a face-to-face interview.

That’s where FedEx Office wants to help.

As FedEx founder Fred Smith says in the 2008 FedEx Global Citizenship Report, “We believe we can do the most good by focusing on areas where we can apply our specific expertise.” Here at FedEx Office we specialize in providing professional printing services, and we will leverage this skill on March 10, 2009, during FedEx Office Free Resume Printing Day.

On that day, any customer who visits one of the 1,600+ FedEx Office Print and Ship Centers in the United States can order up to 25 printed copies of their resume free of charge. There is no purchase necessary, just free resumes for those who need them. For more details, read the formal announcement.

We look forward to seeing you in our centers and serving you on March 10, 2009.


    Karen Y. Kirkland says:

    I think this is a wonderful testament to your organization’s sensitivity and commitment to the community. I appreciate it.

    Peggy says:

    I am curious is this on just the standard white or if resume paper is requested is that at no charge at well up to 25 copies?

    What a great service! We’ll pass this info along to our job seekers! Thanks FedEx!

    Juleette Landes says:

    This is working, but I think we should do this again.

    I think as a company and countrywide if we did this a few more times with more and more layoff this can help a lot more than just today. Maybe once a month?

    The people though who have come in (so far today not very many) you can tell by the look in their eyes that they need these and they do really do appreciate this. We had grown adults almost in tears happy over getting a free printed resume. We even had people asking if we had jobs here as well.

    Today I think is a start, but I think we should do this again. Try and get more press. Locally I only heard it on the radio. Maybe we can help more if we can do this again. Things liek this set us apart from UPS.

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