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FedEx on History Channel: Deadline Delivery

December 23, 2009

Would you like to know how FedEx Express is able to get a crucial medicine from Shanghai to New York City in less than 16 hours?  If the answer is yes, then tune in to the History Channel at 10 p.m.EDT/9 p.m. CDT on December 30*. The one-hour docudrama reveals the people, passion and commitment behind the FedEx.


Several months ago, FedEx agreed to participate in a new project for the History Channel.  JobSite, a new two hour show, depicts behind-the-scenes activity in organizations bound by extremely tight time deadlines.  The producers wanted a story that would span the globe and provide an inside view of how a critical package makes its journey from half-way around the world to arrive on time in New York City.  Naturally, the producers turned to FedEx.

The production involved FedEx team members from around the globe who are performing their normal job function.
John Dunavant, vice president of the Memphis World Hub, says, “I am so proud of the people who work here and at our other hubs.  Each and every one of them comes to work with the same goal—to keep our promise of on-time delivery to our customers.  Our operation has been described as ‘orchestrated chaos,’ but every workgroup understands its role and why it is so important to have all packages sorted and conveyances loaded and launched on time. “

Paul Tronsor, managing director of Global Operations Control, adds, “It never ceases to amaze me that team members from around the globe understand that the FedEx brand promise means we must all do our part.  In GOC, our job is to make sure that the global network of airplanes and trucks operates on-time each and every business day.  Without that focus on the “Purple Promise”, FedEx would be just another company.  But, we’re not.  We are dedicated team members who know each package is a “Golden Package” to someone.  And, if it’s at all possible, we’re not about to let them down.”

Team Leader Josh Kendrick simply says, “What I do out here can have an impact on the world.”

Many FedEx team members contributed to the making of this show.  Their dedication and commitment to on-time performance is the bedrock of FedEx, but more importantly, is the ingredient that brings this story to life.

This story is dedicated to them.


    Jeannie Colvin says:

    I am so proud to have been part of the FedEX team in the early days in Marketing the service.
    What continues to amaze me is the dedication and “family” environment. There are so many amazing things about Fred Smith, his ideas, FedEx and the world as we know it today. Our country has been afffected by the wheel and spoke concept but what about the technology that Mr. Smith had a vision for n the 70’s. Our world has been affected by the technolgy which was Mr. Smith’s vision in the ’70’s. I remember hearing “people, performance, profit”. Mr. Smith always values his “People” which included “Customers. He realized that valuing his employees encouraged better performance making them feel they are doing an important job and it charges you to want to give better service to the customers. I am proud to have had a short time with FedEx and wish I had been able to make it my career. I am excited that FedEx will be on the History Channel. Jeannie Brasfield-Colvin

    I watched the program last night and was beaming with “Purple Pride”. I felt like I was watching a show about the achievements of my family.

    Kathy Starkweather says:

    I heard this was awesome but I missed the broadcast last night. Will we be able to purchase a copy of it or will they put the full video on their website?
    Kathy Starkweather
    Orlando, FL

    anita white says:

    awsome!!! i loved it… i’ve worked at Fedex for 23 years in customer service and never saw anything so informative. i learned so much, i would recommend it to everyone that works at FedEx and everyone that ships with FedEx. I cant stop talking about this fabulous show.

    Tyronda Cole says:

    The episode on the History Channel last night was amazing. They did an excellent job. Hopefully parts of this will become a part of FedEx training materials for years to come. I watched it and felt so proud to be a part of such an amazing organization. I actually had goose bumps when the ending credits appeared on the screen. Kudos FedEx and the History Channel.

    Cherie N Gibson says:

    I didn’t realize that this program was airing but was ecstatic when I discovered it. I have always been proud to work for such a great organization but when I watched this program last night I became even more proud. Even though I have worked for FedEx Ground for 7 years, I learned a great deal from this program profiling FedEx Express. All of the individuals who collectively come together to ensure on-time delivery and excellent customer service are the fiber of this great organization! Kudos to the History channel for making selecting such a great organization!

    Chip Williamson says:

    This was a great program! Thanks to all who made this happen and to all of my fellow FedEx team members for delivering on the Purple Promise everyday!!

    Ryc Y. Cyr says:

    This program about how FedEx gets a pacakge from China to New York in 16 hours was absolutely, positively awesome. I wish all my customers could see this program. The show was very well done and explains how every segment of FedEx is interlinked to get the packages to our customers on time. My whole family watch and were very impressed. Thank you – job well done on delivering the “Purple Promise”!

    Steve Hastings says:

    Hello—–I would like to know if you have a re-airing date for this show…P.S.T. on the History Channel…..Thanks!(Go Purple!).

    Lisa M. Blackwell says:

    What an incredible show!! It was very intense and I literally sat on the edge of my sofa for the entire hour. I could not be more proud to work for FedEx! I hope the History Channel repeats the show for those who missed it. I know I would definitely watch it again.

    Cheryl Williams says:

    As 22 year employee, I am proud to have formed the relationships I have with my team members and the numerous contacts I make with customers everday. Watching this documentary on the History Channel is a great tool for employees and customers to recognize the cohesiveness necessary to pull off an operation of this magnitude every night. Bravo!

    vikki dilworth says:

    I am a international chat rep and have several other positions with the company..thought the story was great and very informative..was proud to have my friends and family watch! GO FEDEX

    jason a boucher says:

    Yeah Jeannie, I would have to agree with you. I am a courier in California, and I think we can say alot about the amazing vision of Mr.Smith I learned alot about Fedex watching that show. I had no idea that we have our own team of meteorologists. I particularly like that possibly some of our customers will better understand just what we go through, everyday to ‘make it happen.’ Good luck to you! Jason A Boucher

    Jessica says:

    I saw this. It was pretty cool to watch. Loved the scenes from NYC and the rush to get things delivered.

    Kamran ghaemmaghami says:

    This was fantastic and it deserves an episode.
    Episode should provide information on what it takes behind the scene in aircraft maintenance and engineering world at FedEx from acqusition, to convesion, and by maintaning one the best reliable and most sophisticated airplanes/fleet in FedEx’s system.

    Elaine says:

    They couldn’t have done a better job covering the reality of what goes on behind the scenes. It was fantastic!. Would like to know when it will be shown again so I can record it. The history channel website does not have any reairing info.

    Jorje says:

    This show boosted the pride my coworkers and I take in our jobs and our company. We work at FedEx ground, but were so pumped to watch this show!

    I must say, “16 hours” was misleading, due to the International Dateline. The travel was still amazing to watch and the show was edge-of-my-seat exciting from start to finish! We could not believe all the delays against this package, but it was so cool to see everyone give their all to get the packages back on track and on time.

    Bob K says:

    The special was real good except for the shot they used of a 747 to show the package as it was in the air from Asia. From the markings on the plane it definitely did not look like a FedEx aircraft, but rather a competitor’s plane.

    Way to go FedEx in showing our talented and true colors! I happen to know the videographer (my brother)for this video and his comment is “I fully appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the scenes behind the scenes. I witnessed first-hand in amazement the high-speed reliability FedEx is know for. It is real!”

    Derron Dorton says:

    That show was an edge of the seat ride up to the last 24 seconds before the deadline. I loved it!

    Rob Peperkorn says:

    The History Channel in Canada did not air the show “JobSite” on December 30th. The two History channels (U.S. and Canada) are apparently separate. Will it be shown on the History Channel in Canada? I and countless others really looked forward to seeing it.

    Diana Chatham says:

    This program was recommended to me by our Fedex liason in Pittsburgh, John Kelly. Since we use Fedex almost exclusively at our company, I thought it would be interesting to see how our packages were handled. I was absolutely amazed at all that went on and enjoyed every minute of the program. Thank you Fedex for JOBS well done!You have very committed employees who care about the job they do.

    Kervin Gomez says:

    The episode will air again on the history channel this month. January 20 at 11PM, January 21 at 3AM and January 23 at 5PM. for detail information on future airings of the episode click on the following link:

    Jamie Cotton says:

    Such an informative program. Loved getting to see behind the scenes. Great job FedEx! Quite proud to be part of this amazing team of folks.

    Kimberly says:

    Outstanding show! I would love to see this show implemented in our New Hire Onboarding. This show helps us see the Purple Promise is in action all over the world!! It makes a person feel really proud to work for such an outstanding company!

    Chad Oyler says:

    I agree, great show. Is there any way corporate can make copies available of this episode for those who missed it?

    Tom says:

    Great Company, good example how the US government should be run,all this without labor unions or teachers union or congressmen involvement. NO secret the founder is a US Marines veteran. Just to show you why military workers are better workers.
    I only wish Fedex would help hire more US MArines veteran like me, who has been laid off replaced with foreign engineers with the help of our government support.
    Semper Fi…

    Terri Hess says:

    I loved the program and would like to get a copy of it. I don’t see it for sale on the History Channel website. Does anyone know how to purchase it? Terri Hess

    DebraP says:

    As an office employee of FedEx TechConnect, I only heard of stories like these from the FedEx Express employees. All I could say is WOW!!!

    frank says:

    I loved the program and would like to get a copy of it. I don’t see it on the History Channel website. Does anyone know how to purchase it? Frank

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