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November 1, 2013


    Heather says:

    I think it’s great that FedEx is partnering with such a great cause!!

    Robert Upton says:

    There’s more need of arts in all schools.

    Salim Admon says:


    Terry Bushell says:

    Be the change that we want to see is the motto used at KIPP Strive academy. (Paraphrased from Ghandi) That is what this program is doing…helping to implement the change that it wants to see in education.

    Maricela cruz says:

    I voted because I think is a really good school

    Gary Vause says:

    I voted because my child attends KIPP!

    Jackie says:

    If you want better, you have to offer better in order to help create better. That’s what KIPP Strive(s) to do everyday.

    Mayra says:

    #VoteYWCPA Don’t let the uniforms deceive you, these girls come from different backgrounds and social status. YWCPA is a public all girl school that is ran like a private school. All the girls take advanced classes, are a school year ahead and work very hard everyday. They really need and deserve a new library with educational material that is as advanced as the girls are.

    Elissa Cabral says:

    i vote for young womans college prep

    Olga says:

    Vote for match if you think of a good school is match they edúcate our lkuds súper Well they got strict uniforms and is so good that your kid can Get a schoparship

    Maryam says:

    I vote for YWCPA because it is a hard working school with many hard working girls who want to have a great future, but how could they do that without books!! Please vote for YWCPA so that we can have a better education and a better library!!

    Taysia says:


    Shemyra Ford says:

    I voted because I think the students and teachers at Kipp Strive deserve a renovated school for all the hard work and dedication that they put in.

    Phoenix Tate says:

    Science is important art,gardening doesn’t merry Christmas

    MaryaEdlyn says:

    Please vote for YWCPA so they can have a new library!!

    Mr. Khan says:

    #voteSTRIVE . Our KIPP STRIVE scholars are absolutely amazing. All are very deserving schools listed here, but cheering on the home team. Let’s go KIPP STRIVE!

    Carla Cooks-Simpson says:

    My child is a 5th grader at KIPP STIVE Academy. It is a good school and deserves to have funds for a Science Lab.

    Kamryn says:


    Phoebe says:

    #VoteYWCPA we try our best to do our work everyday of the year and we stride to help the community as well. Please vote!

    alexandra pineda says:

    I voted because my daughter attends Match and it is the best school ever

    Kelly Pichon says:

    I vote for Young Women’s

    Crystal Cole says:

    #voteSTRIVE my daughter Christina Traylor attends KIPP and I love the excitement they have brought to her desire to excel in her class work and science is one of her favorite subjects with her plans of becoming a Veterinarian.

    diane ciral says:

    I vote for Oglesby

    Carla Cooks-Simpson says:

    Thanks Fed-X! KIPP STRIVE appreciates what you are doing.

    Keryl L. Douglas says:

    I vote for the Young Women’s College Preparatory Academy!

    Dominga Villalobos says:

    Vote for YWCPA!!! Great learning environment for young ladies!

    Cheryl Fabian says:

    Thank Fed-X I vote for KIPP STRIVE ACADEMY. Keep voting for KIPP STRIVE Academy

    crystal says:


    Shemika says:


    Saniya Rousell says:


    Taysia says:

    #VoteYWCPA please! Our library is tragic. When we walk in the library there barely are any books! We don’t even have a checkout center to get the books!

    Ut says:

    #Match. I voted for Match middle school to get an Art enrichment program because Match is just the school to use the resources wisely and play to music to the beat they already have. The MATCH kids in Boston will enrich their community with art and learn and grow in expression and communication artistically. Boston kids and community. I’m a former MATCH corps tutor. Go MATCH!! Vote MATCH!

    Serenity Harris says:

    #VoteYWCPA Our library really needs the books because we hardly have any. We don’t have a desk or even a Librarian!!!!!! Please KEEP VOTING #VOTEYWCPA

    Maryam says:

    Please vote for YWCPA we need a better school library!!!

    Fiorela Pleytez says:

    #voteYWCPA need more BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!
    #voteYWCPA need more BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!
    #voteYWCPA need more BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!
    #voteYWCPA need more BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!
    #voteYWCPA need more BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!
    #voteYWCPA need more BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!
    #voteYWCPA need more BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!
    #voteYWCPA need more BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!
    #voteYWCPA need more BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!
    #voteYWCPA need more BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!
    #voteYWCPA need more BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!
    #voteYWCPA need more BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!
    #voteYWCPA need more BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!
    #voteYWCPA need more BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!
    #voteYWCPA need more BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!
    #voteYWCPA need more BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!
    #voteYWCPA need more BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!
    #voteYWCPA need more BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Salim Admon says:

    Please get out there and vote for by bit Lou and his students.

    pat harris says:

    I vote for Kipp Strive because it’s a great school for great learning that’s why my granddaughter attends.

    Yvette Hilaire says:

    Although I wish that all schools could win, my heart goes to KIPP Strive Academy!!

    KIPP Strive is such a wonderful school with talented teachers and students that really work hard. KIPP Strive is dedicated to taking our children THROUGH college! A new science lab will help our children STRIVE to new heights!


    Janet Sterling says:


    Dr. Stout says:

    I vote for Jennifer Freeman

    Mr. Hatter says:


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