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FedEx Recognized for Innovative Technology Delivering Business Value

July 19, 2012

Recently CIO Magazine recognized FedEx with its annual CIO 100 Award for our data storage technology called Common Data Service (CDS).  The award celebrates innovative use of technology to deliver genuine business value.
Bringing Our World Closer Together
Technology is everywhere.  The Internet, cellular devices, and social media have all contributed to bringing our world closer together.  At FedEx, we continue to be on the move to connect our world.  Recent accomplishments provide useful context for how technology like CDS is being used to support customer’s needs.
First, our Boeing 777 fleet is reducing transit times in some lanes as much as a full day.  Packages travel non-stop between places like Hong Kong and Paris, and between Memphis and Dubai.  Before the “triple-seven“, all packages traveling between the U.S. and Asia caught a connecting flight through Anchorage, Alaska.
Second, intra-country domestic services are being expanded all over the world—from Latin America to Europe to the Indian subcontinent.  We are working to enable customers shipping from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro, and from Krakow to Warsaw, enjoy a similar FedEx experience as those shipping from Chicago to Atlanta.
Global Speed And Access Enabled By Technology
These examples represent two dimensions–speed and access.  As our world becomes more interconnected, our technology plays a key role.  Delivering distinctive FedEx service in countries throughout the world must be supported by highly available and geographically accessible information systems.  A nifty wallboard at our World Technology Center reminds us “it is 8-5 somewhere” and as a result our technology systems must be up and available.
Regardless of coast, country, or continent, technologies like CDS are supporting the needs of our customers wherever they might be.
This is the first of a two part series.  In a follow-up, I’ll provide more details on Common Data Service.


    MayLyn says:

    Thank you so much Rogers for sharing this wonderful information! I’m so proud of FedEx and all of the awards that they have resived and so pleased to hear of another great award! Way to go FedEx! You can win over UPS and DHL!

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