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FedEx Recruiters Share 10 Pieces of Advice for Job Candidates

September 28, 2016

The unemployment rate in the United States dropped below 5 percent in January 2016, steadily decreasing since it had reached nearly 10 percent in 2010. Despite the turnaround in the job market, millions of Americans are still searching for work.

The 100,000 Opportunities Initiative launched in August 2015 to create more pathways to economic opportunity for young Americans. This initiative consists of a coalition of leading U.S.-based companies, including FedEx, committed to training and hiring 100,000 Americans between the ages of 16 and 24 who are out of school and not working. These opportunities include apprenticeships, internships, and both part-time and full-time jobs.

As part of the program, executives and recruiters from participating companies are attending hiring fairs around the country to share their business expertise, look for qualified candidates and, in some cases, offer on-the-spot jobs.

More than 30 companies have joined the initiative, including FedEx, Starbucks, Target, Walgreens and Hilton.

At a recent 100,000 Opportunities Initiative event in Los Angeles, recruiters from FedEx shared ten things candidates should do when applying for jobs:

  • Research the company and position
    Review job descriptions, requirements, benefits and the company history. Preparation is important in making the right career choice with the right company.
  • Dress for success
    Dress neatly and in business casual attire.
  • Bring extra copies of your resume
    In many cases, you will be required to complete an online application, but resumes are important for you to reference before and during interviews.
  • Show enthusiasm about the opportunity
    Have a firm handshake and make yourself memorable.
  • Have a list of questions
    Inquire about subjects that are important to you, e.g. hours, benefits, upward mobility, work environment, etc.
  • Be a good listener
    Take notes and listen closely to the interviewer so you can respond appropriately.
  • Provide examples
    Share specific examples of your skills and experience.
  • Be honest
    Be honest about the position you are seeking. Make sure the position is a good fit for you.
  • Display confidence
    Maintain eye contact and don’t be afraid to ask for clarity if you don’t understand a question.
  • Thank the interviewer
    Always end the interaction on a positive note.

The next 100,000 Opportunities Initiative event is scheduled for May 5, 2016 in Seattle, Wash. For more information, go to the 100,000 Opportunities Initiative website.

To learn more about career opportunities at FedEx, go to or


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