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FedEx Small Business Grant Contest Made Possible by Kelli

November 7, 2019

Meet FedEx Services team member Kelli Martin, who manages the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest. Kelli shares her passion for small business by building relationships with the winners, supporting their growth and connecting them with new possibilities through FedEx. Watch below to hear from Bronze Prize Winners Katarina Samardzija of Locker Lifestyle, Jeff Abella of Moka Origins, and Michael Holstein of Fiddlershop. For more insights from entrepreneurs like these, tune into Making it Work, a podcast presented by FedEx® and hosted by Kelli along with digital creative Tom.


    Katherine Flee says:

    Way to go Kelli!

    Barb Drabowicz says:

    A star is born! So proud to know you Kelli. Keep up the awesome work.

    Felicia Tagivakatini says:

    I like what you are doing for the little people. Way to go for the purple promise! and thank you!!!

    terry says:

    You Rock Kelli

    Chandra Hebron says:

    Wow, Kelli what an awesome job you do for the Small Business Community. As always, you deliver the Purple Promise with a smile and passion. Bravo Zulu Kelli!!!

    C. Nancy Hogan says:

    Kelli is awesome! So glad she getting recognition for what she does behind the scenes!

    Rochelle Hamilton says:

    Kelli, saw the value of the small business community since the beta of MyRewards. Her tenacity is an essential piece to the Grant contest. Keep up the great work!

    Amy Dixon says:

    Loved seeing you and this segment, way to go and way to lift up the small businesses!

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