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FedEx special delivery of blankets for Christmas

January 3, 2012

blanketA small shipment, but one with a lot of heart surrounding it.  We received a request from Mimi Gallagher in Maple Grove, MN asking for FedEx to help ship blankets to an Indian Reservation in Manderson, SD.  Her 12 year old daughter, Rose, had seen a special on the extreme poverty.  She rallied her friends to make 170 blankets for a special delivery before the Christmas holiday break for the local school children.  Mimi sent a local news link on how the project became a reality.

The blankets shipped out of Maple Grove on Friday, December 11th.  We were indeed honored to make this special delivery in time for Christmas.




    MayLyn says:

    That is so nice of that girl to have her school make all of those blackets and have them shipped FedEx for all of the people in need! She inspires me! Thank you for posting this story! it was worth it!

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