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FedEx Strengthens Healthcare Portfolio with Opening of Cold Chain Center Memphis

March 29, 2016

Richard Smith
VP Global Trade Services

healthcare shipments - FedExIn today’s evolving healthcare industry, temperature matters.

It’s estimated that 25 percent of healthcare shipments are temperature sensitive, meaning a rise or a dip in temperature could render a shipment unusable. These materials, such as crucial pharmaceuticals or critical vaccines, are entrusted to FedEx every day, and we deliver.

Now, with the grand opening of the FedEx Cold Chain Center Memphis, FedEx has raised the bar for handling these shipments, and strengthened our entire portfolio of healthcare solutions available to our customers.

Located on the property of the FedEx Express World Hub, the 83,000-square-foot Cold Chain Center Memphis facility offers customers peace of mind that their shipments will remain within their intended temperature range in the event of unforeseen delays, such as clearance holds or inclement weather.

Customers also benefit from the facility’s unique ability to interface directly with Memphis World Hub operations, meaning shipments stay within FedEx custodial control.

A Vital Link

The FedEx Cold Chain Center Memphis is an important piece of the already robust FedEx healthcare solutions portfolio.

While this dedicated facility is the first of its kind for the FedEx network, FedEx operates smaller-scale cold chain facilities at Kansai International Airport (Japan), Cologne Bonn Airport (Germany), and Charles de Gaulle Airport (France). FedEx also currently offers cold storage, dry ice and gel pack capabilities at select facilities around the world.

In addition, FedEx offers a line of packaging and monitoring solutions for healthcare shippers, from Deep Frozen and Thermal Blanket shipping solutions, to near real-time monitoring and response with SenseAware and FedEx Priority Alert.

These specialized services work together to empower healthcare and perishables shippers with reliable solutions that protect shipment integrity, help prevent theft, provide visibility, and meet trade and regulatory requirements.

State-of-the-Art Features

In the rare event that temperature-sensitive shipments are grounded due to clearance delays or other interruptions, the FedEx Cold Chain Center Memphis offers cutting-edge features to keep temperatures regulated.

Shipments transferred here will be kept in areas specified for their temperature: frozen (-25°C to -10°C), cold (2°C -8°C), and controlled-room temperature (15°C to 25°C). There are even separate areas for non-healthcare, but perishable materials, such as specialty foods, flowers and seafood.

The facility also offers around-the-clock monitoring, an on-site International Document Agent, a staging area for shipments using the FedEx Thermal Blanket Solution, dry ice replenishment/gel pack exchange and a cross dock station with direct trailer access to the cold (2°C -8°C) environment.

Every Step of the Way

The grand opening of the FedEx Cold Chain Center Memphis marks an important step forward in our continuous support of the needs of our healthcare and perishable shippers.

From regulatory compliance and global trade management, to temperature-monitoring and enhanced visibility, FedEx is proud to play an important role in moving often life-saving equipment and materials around the world.

For more information on FedEx Cold Chain services, click here.


Richard Smith

Vice President of Global Trade Services

As Vice President of Global Trade Services, Richard W. Smith leads all U.S. based international operations for FedEx Express, the largest FedEx operating company, based in Memphis, Tennessee. He is responsible for ensuring global regulatory compliance, providing customers with regulatory assistance, measuring and improving global clearance performance, providing planning and engineering support, developing and implementing U.S. International line haul solutions, maximizing U.S. export freight profitability and designing and executing specialized services for the life sciences industry and other target verticals.

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    Suamy Ranieri says:

    First of all, Thank you! this will make the difference! and once I am working in Brazil (domestic side), hope to see something close to this here, count on me if you need anything from any Brazilian Company/customer. Wish you success!

    Jimmie Walker says:

    As a newcomer to FedEx, solutions such as the new Cold Chain Center are the reason I’m proud of my career choice.

    Joseph Koslowski says:

    Great Stuff! This work of building cold chain solutions will benefit all of FedEx and put us in a most competitive postion when competing for pharma business.

    Sara says:

    This is so *cool* !!! 🙂

    Rosa Jimenez says:

    What awesome news!

    Gary says:

    Looking forward to being part of the future success of the Cold Chain Center.

    Panos Schaefer says:

    Great News!!We are definetely the Best in the Business!!

    alice ruiz says:

    we need one of these in NYC area for sure…

    Ethel Yhap says:

    This will have a lot of benefits especially movement of any medical shipments. Purple Promise!!!!

    RAY N says:

    As a former Bitech employee, I realize how critical this new Controlled Temp Facility is to our Pharma/Biotech/Perishable Shippers.

    My hope is that FedEx will establish more of these Centers around the world. Then FDX can apply to be part of the CDC’s and UNESCO’s strategic vaccine distribution/storage program to prevent and respond to worldwide and domestic disease outbreaks.

    Great job Cold Chain Colleagues…and keep up the good work!

    Allan says:

    What a great achievement — will be a vital part of the pharma cold chain going forward! If you ever look to expand to doing areas at -45C or down to -60C/-70C, as well, would be very interested in hearing more about that.

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