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January 25, 2011

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At its core, “supply chain management” is the process of providing companies with smarter, faster, more efficient ways of getting the right product to the right customer at the right time and at the right price. In a nutshell, that’s our goal.

FedEx SupplyChain is the subsidiary of FedEx Corporation that develops and delivers comprehensive, integrated logistics solutions for our customers. Our broad range of outsourced services includes global inventory stocking and distribution for customers with time-critical parts and high value inventory, transportation management and cold-chain solutions. We serve customers around the world, with a focus on those in the health care, medical device, high-tech, and telecomm sectors. 

In spite of the tough economic conditions during the past 18 months, FedEx SupplyChain actually increased our revenue during this time because we offer customers the flexibility to easily make supply and demand shifts. Whether it’s our hub-based, multi-client warehousing or our transportation management service, our customers benefit because we can flex resources across multiple operations. During the recent recession, we found that customers relied on us more than ever to help them navigate the downturn – and protect their bottom lines.

How do we help customers be more competitive? By giving them access to the latest supply-chain technology, without the expense required to maintain it as an individual manufacturer or distributor. Our customers gain from the economies of scale we achieve and continuous improvement efforts by putting these systems and processes to work for multiple customers. 

With the economy gaining traction, FedEx SupplyChain is better positioned than the competition to accelerate growth because we never stopped investing in new products and services. I look forward to sharing updates on these new initiatives with you throughout 2011.

Take an inside look at FedEx SupplyChain Global Distribution Center .


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