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FedEx Supports Educators with Sponsorship of “Teachers Rock” on CBS Tonight

August 17, 2012

Every year, the Back to School season brings a flurry of activity for me both at work and at home. At our FedEx Office stores we see students, parents, and teachers buying school supplies, making “welcome back” posters and banners, printing classroom materials, and even packing and shipping all the essentials (like hot pots and Ramen noodles) to dorm rooms across the country. At home, my daughter is busy getting ready as well as she prepares for her freshman year of high school. Seems like getting organized for that first day of class is even more nerve-wracking for her than watching her take driver’s education has been for me!

Back to School is also a time that reminds me of when I was a student. There were several teachers who helped shape the person I am today. There was Mrs. Nauchtrab, my third grade teacher who taught me time management and prioritization, skills I still apply every day. I can picture her at my desk patiently explaining how to sort my classroom and homework activities into “A’s” , “B’s” and “C’s” and then how to allot just the right amount of time to spend on each, a very necessary skill for a little boy who wanted to do everything, all at once, right now and never seem to get any of it done on time. With FedEx all about being absolutely positively on time, it is safe to say my success here is due in part to Mrs. Nauchtrab! There was also Mrs. Donnelly, my first grade teacher who taught me the importance of diction and pronunciation. Without her kind coaching I would still be going to the “lie berry” to check out books. I still think of her every time I go to the library!

We all have had teachers in our lives like Mrs. Nauchtrab and Mrs. Donnelly, and that’s why I’m so proud to work for a company that honors educators in so many ways, including:

  • Tonight at 7 p.m. CDT on CBS, FedEx will be a proud sponsor of “Teachers Rock,” a benefit concert that recognizes the special educators in all our lives. There will be performances by Garth Brooks, Josh Groban, Carrie Underwood, Fun., Dierks Bentley and other musicians as they pay tribute to teachers who had an impact on them. I look forward to seeing teachers from across the country honored through this family-friendly production.
  • Tomorrow, I will have the honor of presenting a check to Teach For America – Dallas-Fort Worth on behalf of FedEx. Our team of FedEx Office volunteers will be giving the 350 Teach For America corps members in Dallas a gift bag with supplies to start the year off right. For the past four years I have volunteered to teach a class for a day through Teach for America. I do it every year, along with other FedEx representatives, because it gives me a special appreciation for education and a new perspective on what our teachers face. I’ve been so impressed by the organization and the teachers it produces that I recently joined its regional advisory board.
  • Year-round, FedEx Office honors teachers with the FedEx Office Academic Edge program. We were amazed to learn that teachers spend, on average, $200 of their own money on supplies for their classroom. We wanted to do what we could to help, which is why we started this program that offers all educators a 15% discount on FedEx Office services. This includes the copies, laminating and posters they need to prepare their classroom.

So thank you to Mrs. Nauchtrab and Mrs. Donnelly, and all of the other teachers just like you. You made a difference for me and so many others. FedEx salutes you. (But please don’t proofread this blog post!)


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