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FedEx team members and the 2012 Women In Aviation International Conference

April 2, 2012

Bobbi Wells, Managing Director, Air Ops Planning & Analysis

A group of 22 women and men from Air Operations participated in the Annual Women in Aviation International Conference on March 8-10 in Dallas, Texas. Joined by folks from the Global Leadership Institute, GOC and Express Communications, we arrived in Dallas with thousands of other aviation enthusiasts with very diverse backgrounds–  all looking to increase the interest and involvement of women in aviation.

Our team participated in many different activities including working the FedEx booth, conducting panel discussions and leading seminars for the WAI participants. Operating the FedEx airline is such a great story to tell and we enjoyed explaining to prospective employees and current customers how we are unique and why FedEx Express is such a great place to work.

There were dozens of women looking for an opportunity with a company who will recognize their potential and encourage their growth. We were happy to share our personal stories and talk about the culture of excellence we enjoy at FedEx. Many times during the conference, I heard comments about the difference we make to our customers and the impact our team had throughout the event.

We look forward to next year in Nashville so we can show off our company again, this time in our own backyard!

James Sneed, Senior Management Facilitator

This was my second appearance representing the Global Leadership Institute for the Professional Development session.  Jimmy Daniel and I spoke to a crowd of approximately 900 at our workshop on Leadership and The Generations.  It was incredible to have several attendees ask questions during the workshop about FedEx and its leadership.  There were testimonials throughout the conference that our workshop was right on target with many in the audience.  

On the elevator one night with Bobbi Wells and Maureen Patton, a lady attending the conference recognized me from Thursday’s session.  She stated that she had attended last year’s session on Emotional Intelligence and she really enjoyed the new workshop.  As she departed the elevator she stated, “Thanks for changing my life”.  WOW!  This is the impact FedEx has on its employees’ lives.  You never know.  

The diversity of the entire WAI conference indicates FedEx must continue to be a part of this great event.  I developed relationships with attendees from San Francisco to Nigeria and in between.  I had the pleasure of speaking with surviving WASP (Women Air Force Service Pilot) member Bernice “Bee” Haydu.   She was honored during the ending ceremony for her bravery and dedication, and for being a trailblazer for women during World War II.  Having this opportunity was history for me.  This was a great experience that I immediately shared with my wife and daughter upon returning home.  I have already committed to being in Nashville, Tennessee, next year with my seven-year-old daughter in tow for the 24th Annual International Women in Aviation Conference!

Our team members were active in giving their best in everything from setting up the booth display, working the booth, answering questions about FedEx,  and creating workshops from our wonderful female employees— from pilots to AMTs and more. It was truly a TEAM effort.  This is why I’ve been a part of FedEx for 25 years.  They CARE!  

Mary Poplawski, Airbus First Officer

The Women in Aviation conference is about promoting women and giving back.  It is a motivating conference that always makes me feel grateful for my job at FedEx Express.  This year’s conference was even more amazing and special to me.  I felt like an important part of the team from FedEx working together to showcase our Purple
Promise and philosophy of “People, Service, Profit” to all of the young ladies and men wanting to work for this company. 

Each person on the team this year was wonderful to work with.  It started for me by meeting, for the first time, Donna in the Dallas Fort Worth Airport restroom, celebrating Mo’s birthday with her and the entire team and finishing up with a jumpseat back to Memphis with others who had attended the conference.  The efforts of each team member made me realize again what a wonderful family and team that each FedEx member is a part of, and how each of us gives back to the aviation community through our commitment and dedication to FedEx Express.


    MayLyn says:

    It is so wonderful that FedEx has these programs and I hope that some day after all of my volunteer work at FedEx will get me a job and that I will be able to be apart of this program as well!

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