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FedEx Team Members Delivering Help & Hope

January 16, 2010

Tomorrow the first of many FedEx charter flights loaded with relief supplies will be touching down in the Dominican Republic – delivering desperately-needed medical equipment, food, water and other materials to the victims of Haiti’s catastrophic earthquake. Over the next several days, more than 155 tons of donated supplies will be shipped to Haiti via FedEx as part of our disaster relief efforts with organizations such as the American Red Cross, Heart to Heart International, Direct Relief International, Water Missions and World Vision.

While our aircraft will physically carry the donated supplies to Haiti, the real heavy lifting is being done behind the scenes by FedEx team members across the organization. Our teams are working around the clock to make these relief shipments happen while maintaining normal daily operations that ensure customer deliveries arrive on schedule throughout the world.

It takes an extraordinary amount of dedication to make it all come together – something  FedEx team members come together to accomplish time and again in the face of natural disasters. So I have to take a moment to thank all of the more than 275,000 FedEx team members for these efforts. Thank you for your overwhelming generosity, positive sprit and can-do attitude. Thank you for the commitment to serving our customers as well as those in need. Thank you for making FedEx a wonderful company to work for.

And when disaster strikes, work we do!  At FedEx Express, we know one of the best ways we can support relief efforts in Haiti and around the world is by lending our transportation and logistical know-how to organizations capable of providing victims with on-the-ground assistance. We have a long history of swift response to natural disasters the world over, and strong relationships with NGOs who make things happen once relief supplies are delivered. You can read more about some of these efforts in Haiti and past natural disasters right here on this blog.

Our team members work this week is a resounding reminder that whatever the situation – hurricanes to tsunamis, wildfires to floods, earthquakes to tornadoes – FedEx will be where you need us, when you need us, delivering what you need.


    Dianne says:

    Your company is known for its ability to organize, manage, and deliver. Your team is doing an amazing job getting the supplies to Haiti but it seems as though there is no central organization for getting shipments out to the hospitals, relief organizations, and citizens. How about Fed Ex taking charge and organzing the airport so the supplies get out. This would be a real humanitarian effort and well within your abilities. Thank you for efforts for Haiti.

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