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FedEx Team Members Take You Behind the Scenes of a Recent TV Commercial

November 15, 2010

On Nov. 15, FedEx launched a series of digital videos called “Behind the Scenes.”

“Behind the Scenes” is unlike anything we’ve created in the past. The digital videos are part advertisement and part corporate communications; partly serious but with that trademark FedEx humor ever-present; and completely unscripted and real. The videos show that what FedEx does every day is no easy feat. And that your package gets from Miami to Seattle, or New York to Los Angeles overnight, because of the hard work and complete dedication our passionate team members deliver each and every day.

“Behind the Scenes” tells the story of Brian Weiss, the actor who plays a FedEx Express courier in our “Retirement” spot, located here. To prepare for his role, Brian flew to Memphis and paired with real FedEx team members to learn what they do every day. Renesa Smith, Brian’s mentor, showed him how to lift, push, pull, drive, scan and deliver on time.

Once Brian had the basics under his belt, he received a midnight tour of the Memphis World Hub and a window into the magic of FedEx. He learned that the hub sorts almost 1.5 million packages every weeknight, and received a flying lesson from Captain Mark Klair. Brian was a natural as he stepped in to help out the hub team members with their jobs.

Watching Brian interact with FedEx team members will show you the true dedication and enthusiasm they have for what they do. FedEx has 280,000 team members around the world, and each one of them is obsessively focused on getting every package to its destination on time, and as quickly as possible. We hope that the “Behind the Scenes” videos demonstrate just that.

The videos will be promoted through both online advertising, including video banners and pre-roll, and our social channels such as @FedExDelivers. Check out these unprecedented “Behind the Scenes” videos at And share them with your own social network as well.


    chrissy says:

    great video series, very smart and very funny…now can you please introduce me to Brian I think i have a crush!!!

    Dharthi Vidyasagar says:

    FedEx international ads have to be aired in India.

    MayLyn says:

    I saw the video series and I so enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to get a job at FedEx! I would so love to get a copy of the video series of Brain training to be a FedEx worker! Now I know what my friends that work at FedEx had to do for their training! It was so fun to see behind the scenes at FedEx!!!

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