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FedEx Trade Networks Forwards Iconic Blackpool Boat Tram #233 to its New Home in San Francisco

November 4, 2013

I recently had the honor of addressing a gathering in San Francisco to discuss our role in a special shipment. When the non-profit organization Market Street Railway needed to move a historic boat tram (or trolley car as we refer to it in the U.S.) from the United Kingdom to the Bay Area, they came to FedEx Trade Networks for a solution.

Naturally, we were up to the challenge. Market Street Railway needed to bring this unique piece of transportation from a UK museum to San Francisco, where it will eventually become operational within the city’s famed streetcar network. While we’ve been a part of some very interesting shipments, Blackpool Boat Tram #233 was certainly a first for us.

Moves like these call for the global capabilities and multi-modal coordination FedEx Trade Networks specializes in. Because of the tram’s size and historical significance (only a handful remain worldwide), special considerations were needed on both the export and import sides.

In total, FedEx Trade Networks provided an end-to-end solution that included cargo insurance arrangements, surface transportation, ocean freight forwarding, U.S. customs clearance and multiple related services to move the tram from the UK to the U.S. successfully – and in time for the unveiling event last week.

As I represented FedEx Trade Networks at the event, I was proud to tell the story of how, as a team, we once again displayed that our special combination of global reach and local expertise can provide solutions to unique shipping needs.


    Carolyn says:

    Very unique item. It’s great to see FedEx support projects like this.

    Joseph Koslowski says:

    This was a very impressive move from UK through to SFO. Dorothy Smith ,from our Savannah office, organized this process from origin to destination, pulling in needed resources and managing the very successful transport. Dorothy is a just one example of the excellent quality we have in FedEx Trade Networks

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