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FedEx Trade Networks: Global Freight Forwarding

December 7, 2011

Recently, I was asked about the FedEx Trade Networks global expansion and how we fit in the FedEx family of companies?

FedEx Trade Networks is the global freight forwarding arm of FedEx. We provide global transportation solutions under the powerful FedEx brand.

Every shipment is different. FedEx Trade Networks offers a powerful combination of expertise, innovation and customer service to meet customer needs, whether they ship via ocean, air or land. The freight forwarding industry is a $172 billion market that is very fragmented amongst freight forwarders. We can provide a cost effective freight forwarding solution providing coverage in major international markets and trade lanes with flexible carrier schedules.

Our growth has come organically and aggressively. Just in 2011, FedEx Trade Networks established 11 new international office locations. Most recently, we announced our opening in Johannesburg, South Africa; Bologna, Italy; and Ankara and Izmir, Turkey. As part of the company’s global expansion initiative, which began in 2008, we have opened a total of 45 offices throughout Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Most importantly, we listened to what our customers were asking for – the ability to provide a bundled solution to meet their end-to-end supply chain needs. When customers choose FedEx, they’re choosing one brand with many solutions, whether it’s FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight or FedEx Trade Networks. We allow customers to choose where, when and how they do business.  It’s a big advantage in today’s marketplace.

***Watch more in an interview on YouTube***


    Jim Haggerty says:

    Congradulations on FTN’S continued growth and contribution to our to our various solutions. Thanks for the support which FTN
    as shown to The Freight Forwarder Team.

    Chris says:

    Excellent – good timing considering dimming views on air freight forecasts put out this week. FedEx Trade Networks and Global Freight Forwarding are the hidden engines which will capture market share and provide solutions and expansion opportunities to growing domestic markets

    freight broker says:

    The job of the freight forwarder is typically to arrange the movement of cargo to international destinations. you are also referred to as international freight forwarders. These specialized companies have the expertise necessary to enable them to prepare and process all the required documentation as well as to perform international shipment related activities.

    Freight Broker Agents says:

    Freight forecasts put out this week..
    Hope continued growth and contribution to our to our various solutions

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