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August 3, 2016

FedEx Travel Tips

FedEx connects people, places and cultures all around the world. With 400,000 team members living and working in cities from Los Angeles to São Paulo, we have a wealth of knowledge that can help guide you during your travel adventures this year and beyond.

We asked FedEx team members for tips about the places they know best. Here you will find insider advice on the places our team members frequent and why they think these locations are hot spots you should add to your travel checklist.

Select a city to start your touring adventure!

Stay tuned throughout the month as more cities are added to our list.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Courier Kevin Ajanaku shares his top 5 favorite spots in Amsterdam:

Amsterdam Travel Tips


Anchorage, AK

Pickup & Delivery Manager Rose Fleenor shares her top 5 favorite spots in Anchorage:

Anchorage Travel Tips


Atlanta, GA

Ramp Operations Manager Ametruis Knox shares her top 5 favorite spots in Atlanta:

Atlanta Travel Tips


Bogotá, Colombia

Driver Julian Zamora shares his top 5 favorite spots in Bogotá:

Bogotá Travel Tips


Chicago, IL

Operations Manager Charles Gdula shares his top 5 favorite spots in Chicago:

Chicago Travel Tips


Dallas, TX

Same Day City Quality Specialist James Wood takes us to the Rockies for the Top 5 summer spots in Dallas.

Dallas Travel Tips

Denver, CO

Courier Brian Johnson takes us to the Rockies for the Top 5 summer spots in the Mile High City.

Denver Travel Tips

Indianapolis, IN

Downtown-Monument-CircleCaptain Dan flies us to Indy to share his top 5 favorite summer spots:

Indianapolis Travel Tips


Los Angeles, CA

Travel LATour Los Angeles with FedEx Ground Senior Operations Administrator Daisy Escamilla as she shares her favorite things.

Los Angeles


Memphis, TN

Travel memphisSocial Media Strategist D.J. Vaughn shares his favorite places in Memphis.



Mexico City, Mexico

Travel MexicoFedEx Express Courier Marco Espinosa shares his favorite places in Mexico City.

Mexico City


New York, NY

FedEx Driver Ramon Santiago guides us through his favorite stops in NYC.

NYC Travel Tips

São Paulo, Brazil

Travel to São Paulo, BrazilExplore São Paulo with FedEx Express Courier Rafael Gama as he shares his five favorite spots in the city:

São Paulo Travel Tips


Seattle, WA

Driver Travis Brotherson shares his top 5 favorite spots in Seattle:

Seattle Travel Tips



    Michele Martin says:

    Great idea to let FedEx team members give us tips for travel! Would love to see more places!

    Cynthia Welsh says:

    Fantastic idea! Always eager to have travel tips from around the USA and the world! Keep this going!

    Sobit Rana says:

    Hi Team,

    Being a travel enthusiast, I am quite excited to see such amazing blogs on travel and tourism. It will be of great help if we get to know in advance what all to consider before we head for any outing.
    MY favorite place has always been New York since childhood. I hope some day I will get a chance to visit this wonderful city and also our Memphis hub.

    Sobit Rana

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