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FedEx wins big at National Truck Driving Championships

August 16, 2010

In what has become tradition of sorts for FedEx, our National Truck Driving Championships team produced several top finishers and out of those crowned six national champions.

Saturday morning began with the announcement of the top finishers in each class, including a 3-way tie in the 5-Axle class. FedEx scored big with 13 finalists in seven of the nine classes including sweeps of Twins and Step Van.

The finalists took one last crack at mastering the course before the final order was announced.

FedEx walked away with six national champions:
John Smith Jr. – Flatbed
Don Logan – Twins
Scott Watts – Straight Truck
Lalo Fernandez – 3-Axle
Jason Matte – 4-Axle
Sean Saxon – Step Van

Congratulations to all 115 Team FedEx competitors for proving their commitment to safety and once again delivering the Purple Promise!

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