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Feeding the Hungry During Tough Times

February 13, 2009

America is known as the land of plenty. But for 1 in 8 Americans, hunger is a reality. Over the past year, food banks have struggled with a drop in donations while demand has increased by 30%. A recent study found that 36 million Americans, including 12 million children, are living on the brink of hunger and many people who once donated to food banks now find themselves on the receiving end of food bank services. According to Feeding America (formerly America’s Second Harvest), the largest charitable hunger-relief organization in the country, “…this winter could be among the most difficult ever seen for the millions of Americans living on the brink of hunger.”

For over 20 years, FedEx team members across the country have been doing their part to help fight hunger by supporting local food banks, food pantries and meal delivery programs. And we’ve stepped up our efforts to help meet the increased need during these tough times. Whether you’re in San Francisco or Indianapolis or New York, you’ll find FedEx team members pitching in to collect, sort, prepare and deliver donated food and meals to people in need.

During FedEx Cares Week 2008, over 100 FedEx team members volunteered at the Greater Boston Food Bank sorting 28,000+ pounds of food which made possible 17,760 meals for hungry families in Boston.

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