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First FedEx Flight Direct to Haiti with Relief Supplies Departs

January 17, 2010

The first FedEx Express direct flight to Haiti departs from Miami International Airport with food and water for the Haiti Earthquake victims. The FedEx Express Boeing freighter will deliver up to 40,000 pounds of relief supplies donated by local, Florida nonprofit organizations. Juan Cento, FedEx Express President, Latin America and Caribbean Division will be on-site for media interviews.

The flight left on Sunday, January 17, 2010 at approximately 9:30am EST from the FedEx Express Gateway Hub.

In response to the earthquake in Haiti, FedEx is providing more than $1 million in cash and in-kind support to several global charities. The support will be used by the following designated relief organizations: the American Red Cross, Heart to Heart International, Direct Relief International, World Vision, and Water Missions International. Over the coming days, several hundred tons of supplies – including water purification systems, food, medical aid, and more – will be delivered to support disaster relief efforts on the ground in Port-au-Prince and the surrounding areas.


    rico kindells says:

    Great job!!

    cynthia harrington says:

    Wonderful!Go Fedex!

    delia says:

    Very proud of FEDEX like always.

    grant wood,Fedex Canada says:

    Nicely done!!!…great to be part of an organization that steps up and responds to a world need.Thanks you’s to all those involved!!

    Ashar Shah says:

    Great article. Thank you so much. I am part of a non-profit collecting in-kind donations for Haiti victims. Our exporting contacts cannot take shipments to Haiti because of the dock. Can Fedex help take these donations to the victims? Thanks Matt, keep up the great writing.

    Pauline Haughton says:

    I agree. Did not take much time or thinking for FedEx to act. Thank you.

    FedEx DOES Care! Love It! Great JOB!



    Dennis Miller says:

    Happy to see the company helping in the relief efforts. Brazo Zulu!

    Ravinder Birdi says:

    Wayyyyyyyy to go Fedex !!!!!

    Norvell A. Ballard says:

    It’s great to be part of a company that really cares. Let’s all get together and support FedEx cares. T-shirts are a money maker for FedEx cares.

    santos garcia says:

    I’m very proud to be part of the fedex family
    God bless all.

    Marie says:

    This company continues to reach out and help where and when it is most needed. I am proud to work here. Keep up the great work!!!

    Odessa Moloto says:

    I’m very proud to be a part of a company that sets examples of caring in crises and in basic operational situations. “If not us, who?, If not now, when?”
    We can, therefore we do! Great to see you Fedex..

    Tyrone Swift Sr. says:

    I’m always proud to be a part of the FedEx Family. You can always count on FedEx to get {be}involved with our global community’s needs. FedEx proves time-after-time; we’re not only a cargo moving company, but we’re also concerned about the welfare of the common person, and our current crisis with the Haiti earthquake proves my point. I saltute our headman at the helm: Mr. Fred Smith, and the entire FedEx Family: BRAVO!!!

    Patricia Byrd says:

    I am very proud and blessed to be an employee and part of a great organization such as FEDEX. FEDEX has stepped up once again to make a difference and I would expect no less. I would like to thank all of you who are involved. Keep up the good work. FEDEX does care and so do I.

    Thank you!!!!!!!!

    Rafeal Ramos says:

    The company and the employee’s respond had been up to the challange. I’ am Fedex!!!

    evelyn bravo says:

    you can count on fedex to deliver…not only pkgs.

    Daniel Jorgenson says:

    You have to be thankful every day for an employer that takes their People, Service & Profit’s across the Globe offering a helping hand with every disaster; That philosophy extend to not only employees but others outside the companies boundaries, FedEx goes above and beyond to use their Profits, Services and People when others need a helping hand.

    I am proud to be part of their Family!

    Thank you.

    Smitty - AOG Desk Ops - MEM / HGR 11/12/26 says:

    FedEx – An organization that cares!

    Thanks everyone for stepping UP; BZ!

    bob king says:

    I’m so PROUD to work for Fedex……We help the World to be a Better Place>>>>>>>>>>>>>bk

    Kathleen Russell says:

    I have been with this company for 30 years and have never seen it lack the heart to help others in need. Whether it is finding a lost kitten that flys from Germany to the US by accident and getting it back home where it belongs, or reaching out to help others hit by adversity, FXE and it’s op-cos always open their hands and hearts to help. This is the best company to work for and we should all be proud of the humanitarian efforts shown by all of our employees, in times of crisis and each and every day.

    Nick Feder says:

    I am proud to be part a company that cares. FedEx is a symbol of American Patriotism.
    Semper Fidelis

    Diem Hoai says:

    Good Spirit!! I like seeing your volunteiring actions. Hope to do company like this…^^

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