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For those who see rescuing someone from a burning house as just another day on the job…

December 7, 2010

This holiday season, I give special thanks to FedEx, for keeping the People First and honoring those purple-blooded team members that truly love this company, their jobs, and those in their community!

On October 28, 2010, FedEx Express honored 26 employees for their above and beyond service to FedEx and the community. Eleven employees received the Purple Promise Award and 15 received the Humanitarian Award.

As project lead for the coveted FedEx Express Purple Promise and Humanitarian Awards, it is an honor and privilege to read the amazing and spontaneous activities our employees engage in for their customers, one another and for strangers in their community.

FedEx does a great job honoring those employees that achieve the Purple Promise by “making every FedEx experience outstanding!” This year, employees traveled through several feet of snow to deliver a package, sorted through trailers of luggage to find a customer’s passport, drove long distances to complete a delivery and left a family weekend trip to deliver a critical package to a customer – and it goes on and on.

FedEx also recognized those employees that, despite their day-to-day responsibilities on the job, didn’t hesitate to help someone who might be experiencing a house fire or involved in a serious car accident. Team members helped a family with a terminally ill child, rescued someone from a burning airplane, helped employees going through cancer and navigated around live electrical wires to rescue a police officer.

As an almost 11-year cancer survivor, I was flabbergasted to learn that I received one of the Humanitarian Awards this year for assisting a team of employees in Texas who had several colleagues going through cancer treatment. FedEx truly supports their team members via the Cancer Support Network at FedEx. An email thanking me for my efforts was also sent to my manager, who then secretly forged ahead to surprise and honor me.

I now know how my winners feel when they share with me how honored they are to receive the award, come to Memphis, mingle with executives and have their picture taken with the CEO and COO – when in reality, they did what they did because it is who they are, and they were not looking for any recognition other than the joy it brings to help someone!


    Steve Stephens says:

    I think this wonderful lady who also happens to be my wife truly has purple blood. She talks purple when she is around family and friends and she truly feels blessed with the experience of working at Fed-Ex. I have been able to go to several of the Purple Promise awards programs in the past and it really makes you stop and think when your package arrives “On-Time Every-Time” that you are proud to use a wonderful company like Fed-Ex. Our company uses Fed-Ex for all outgoing packages and we have never had a late package yet – Great Job and congratulations to all of thge employees and winners of the Purple Promise award.

    gloria Cohen says:

    Debbie- We are sooo proud of you and the effort and devotion that you have given to the company and to the people that you have helped. You are truly a person of compassion and purpose.
    May you continue in good health to go from strength to strength.
    Love-Aunt Gloria

    Lazaro Diaz says:

    Debbie, You are a Blessing!! My wife and I were so impressed with the whole ceremony and to top it off you received an award also! I was truly blessed to be in that room with you and all of the 2010 Purple Promise / Humaitarian winners!

    C. Lauren Jones says:

    Awesome Deb!

    Stephanie Brazziel says:

    Debbie- you are an inspiration to all for what you do for the company and all that you do for the Cancer Support Network at FedEx. Congratulations to you and all who received the awards. Great Job!

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