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Fred Smith Discusses How Global Trade Benefits the United States

June 14, 2017

Fred Smith

Like businesses large and small, FedEx operates in an increasingly interconnected economy that relies on global trade.

Speaking recently with Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam in Nashville at the 36/86 Entrepreneurship and Technology conference, Mr. Smith shared his thoughts on how we all benefit from trade and must work to overcome barriers to global success.


    Jeannette Martin says:

    BZ Mr. Smith what you have done for the World and Memphis, TN is truly amazing !! Thank-you, Jeannette Martin

    Imogen Williamson says:

    Innovation has played a major role in the success of the FedEx Corporation. Due to the global trade and the success of entrepreneurship with FedEx, the company will succeed abundantly and above more ways than one, by continuing to advert to innovated ways to get positive outcomes, which produces a source of gain for incoming success in the future to come.

    Ron Hooper says:

    Very good comments. Global trade is good if it is fair and balanced. Unfortunately, many of the deals the U.S.A. has entered into favor relocating manufacturing overseas.

    Gina Khoo says:

    The cost of manufacturing goods is less expensive in overseas countries like China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc..and that is the reason there are less goods manufactured in the U.S.

    Gina Khoo says:

    “When goods cross borders, armies rarely do”. I love that!

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