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Fred Smith introduces the 2010 Global Citizenship Update

July 25, 2011

FedEx was founded to move goods faster and more efficiently. As we grew, we helped more people and businesses around the world access the global marketplace. And that helped make people’s lives better.

We are proud to have changed what’s possible.  Just as important, we are proud of our commitment to use resources responsibly, to expand our capabilities wisely, and to help the communities we serve thrive.

Our 2010 Global Citizenship Update discusses ways we try to live up to those responsibilities.  Certainly, it talks about how we’re reducing our dependence on oil and how we’re using technology to do more with less.  But the report also tells stories—stories of how FedEx team members are finding better solutions in an increasingly complex world.

Check out how Nathan Loftice is waging a war on waste at FedEx Office.  Or what Mike Vickers and Eric Pagano are doing to increase the use of recycled materials at FedEx Ground.  And learn how Jeremy Goldstritch is reducing fuel usage through Eco-Drive programs in Asia.

Their actions speak as loudly as the numbers that mark our progress.  Such team members are thinking globally and acting locally to make sure their cities, communities and neighborhoods are increasingly good places to live and work.

I am inspired by them, and we at FedEx are proud to be a part of a team of 290,000 committed to these principles.

*Watch the video on Youtube: “Delivering a Better World


    Steve Reynolds says:

    Indeed, Mr. Smith. I am extremely proud to work on your team. The amount that FedEx gives back to the community is truly unprecedented in the corporate community.

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