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French FedEx Employees Really Care About Children’s Future…

September 20, 2012

Last week, FedEx kicked off its 8th annual FedEx Cares Week, an international volunteer campaign offering team members across the globe the opportunity to donate their skills and time to give back to their local communities.  

In France, we focused our volunteering activities on youth employment and mentoring. We organized with United Way’s support an event at our CDG European Hub, where we brought 30 FedEx employees to give 30 local children from 4 associations an insight into how a company is organized, the jobs which might suit them in the future and how teams can work together on a common project to succeed. The overall aim was to give the children fresh hope and energy in achieving their professional and personal goals.

Despite the economic environment which has forced many companies to focus purely on their business priorities, many FedEx employees freed up a couple of hours of their time and contributed to a meaningful exchange between today’s youth and professionals. I would like to thank our volunteers deeply for that!

The event was a huge success for everyone involved. Despite being a little over awed initially the children soon warmed up and felt comfortable enough to ask lots of questions. A couple of our team members admitted that they would have loved to have such an opportunity in their childhood and all agreed that giving support to the children was extremely rewarding.

Let’s do it again next year!


    Anne-Marie McLeod says:

    What an incredible way to share business knowledge, demonstrate team-building skills and inspire kids! I’m proud to be part of FedEx!

    MayLyn says:

    I have so enjoyed being a volunteer and being involved in the FedEx cares program. It has been a very touching and rewarding expereance for me and enjoyable to see children and people so happy to have us all there for them! Volunteering is not just about giving your time it’s about having fun while doing it and changing people’s lifes for the better. I’m so thankful to be involved in FedEx cares and I can’t wait for next year!

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