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Frightening Facts Revealed in Halloween Safety Study

October 31, 2011

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Halloween is right around the corner, and many kids are eagerly anticipating dressing up, trick-or-treating door-to-door and (hopefully) accumulating a large stash of candy. It’s an exciting, fun activity that kids anticipate every year. However, the holiday does pose some risks that children and parents should be aware of, and it’s not just cavities from all that candy.

Every year FedEx teams up with Safe Kids to educate communities on the importance of child pedestrian safety while trick-or-treating. FedEx team members volunteer to teach children safety tips at multiple Halloween events across the country. It’s a serious issue, as twice as many children are likely to be killed by vehicles on Halloween night than any other throughout the year.

In an effort to drive awareness and community education, this year Safe Kids conducted an unprecedented study on the knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of parents related to Halloween safety.

We learned that an overwhelming majority of children (89%) participate in Halloween activities, and three quarters (73%) go trick-or-treating door-to-door.

One in three parents (31%) are afraid of a pedestrian injury involving their children on Halloween night. Parents appear to be getting the message that children are in excess danger of pedestrian injuries on Halloween. However, the responses of some parents to Halloween safety concerns may surprise you.

This graphic shows some of the key highlights found from the study, as well as some prudent safety tips for keeping children safe on Halloween.
Certainly parents have a responsibility to ensure their children remain safe on Halloween, but as drivers, we can all do our part to watch out for child pedestrians on Halloween. Reduce any distractions inside your car so that you can concentrate on the road, and be alert for children who may wander into the streets. Together, we can make Halloween a safe and fun night for kids in all of our communities.

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    Great infographic! Using it for this month’s safety meeting, thanks.

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